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There are bands -- the bands who perform those songs that you instantly recognize, yet have no idea who performs them. Sometimes, you don't know the tune either, but the "sound" has a familiarity to it. It strikes that taut cord which threads your skull from the eardrum to the artsy fraction of the brain. You hear a snippet, you take it to heart, but you can't connect to the informational data stored by the logic centers. The music is there, but you'll be damned if you can remember who the song is by.

Thus, I'm brought to Cake. Many years ago, like, two years, a friend held out a CD case and said "you'd like Cake. You should borrow this CD sometime." Unfortunately, I didn't borrow the CD -- I knew nothing about Cake, and her taste in music wasn't exactly in line with my tastes, so I felt I could not trust her recommendation.

Distance reminds me of that Simpson's episode, which induced me to download it & include it on a mix CD. However, I recently discovered that they performed that kick ass cover of "I Will Survive." Since I've been driving a rental car I've been forced to listen to local radio, upon which I heard "Short Skirt Long Jacket" at lunch, which induced me to download it and listen to it tonight while avoiding my homework. Finally, Wil Wheaton referenced Cake in his response to my stupid inquiry, so, hey, Wil likes it, and that's a big deal anyways.

The ratio of Cake to non-Cake music in my head has reached a critical mass, and as such I've downloaded a bunch of their music. Copyrights be damned -- now that I've figured out that the unnamed cool music I've heard in the past does belong to a specific artist, I have been forced to take action.

Derek I am very happy that you have discovered Cake. I have been afan of Cake since shortly before their first disc went national, what seems like eons ago. In fact when my wife and I split up, the Cake CD's were one of the only things we fought over. Anyway about your friend suggesting you would like it, and your musical tastes being diferent, some groups(Cake, They Might Be Giants, and a few others) have such a broad appeal, that often people w/ very different tastes can enjoy them. When I have guests over, I know that I can put on Cake and have everyone enjoy. So my advice to you, if you want it is ; if someone offers to lone you music, give it a listen, at least then you have a more slid basis oor opinion than clash of tastes. Well, you would't know for sure it was me if I didn't put: CAKE STOMPS!!!! Speaking of people suggesting things, I'm very fond of this web comic: The Guestbook isn't working right now but the forum is, I find both comic and forum amusing.

--Sparky, 4/20/2002 14:17:29

Yeah, I'm glad you found cake too, now if only they could fix that whole no-talent problem they have that prevents them from ever having made a decent song in thier existance. Excuse my sarcasm, it's just that I'm WAY past amused with the whole "stomps" thing. I gets on my nerves when people use phrases constantly, especially stupid ones...

--rusty, 4/24/2002 09:04:42

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