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What happens when you leave your ornamental soaps too close to the sink? Somebody's gonna wash with them. Leave your autographed t-shirt too close to the laundry? Well, those sort of things happen to all things collectible and decorative, as I wrote in today's Collector's Quest. #

Hate those mortgage ads with the line-dancing silhouettes? Here's the lady to talk to. Apparently, people love lots of movement and cute animals in their advertisements. Who knew? #

Trollwood Performing Arts School has announced their mainstage show for 2007:  Thoroughly Modern Millie, a "zany" romantic comedy set in the 1920s -- the story involves the kidnapping of yokels and selling them into slavery, but as Fargo North showed in their recent production of How To Succeed In Business..., a show that's a little scandalous isn't that bad for teenagers to handle. While Trollwood holds a soft spot in my heart (I was a student out there from the first Fiddler through Oklahoma!), there was a couple years in the late 90s where I was disappointed in the shows (Footloose, in particular), but they've been coming around. From what I've seen, Fargo's crop of young performers is a good one lately, and I'm sure they'll do a good job of it. #

Californians just don't get North Dakota, it seems. Witness this critique of North Dakota's neovictorian idea of using hydrogen-filled lighter-than-aircraft to provide wireless access for hundreds of miles. See, North Dakota is so impressively flat -- moreso than even the ocean on a calm day -- that any sort of poles projecting up from the ground cause residents to completely FREAK OUT. Trees? We don't got any. Too scary. We need balloons, despite the torrent of plummeting electronic equipment and 'oh-the-humanities' that will inevitably follow. #

Ah, Dick Van Dyke has never been as hip as when his dancing is set to Herbie Hancock. #

Last year, the chief of police here in Fargo accepted the chief position in a crime-ridden California town. Will he make a difference, or will the town break him? I wrote it up for, typos and all. #

Cleaning the bricks is such a striking change, it's a wonder it's not done in a regular basis by cities to keep a pretty face. As downtown buildings are cleaned up in Fargo thanks to our revitalization, the change is major enough to provoke a "when did that building get there?" but not as expensive or ugly as, say, rebuilding or facading the fronts of the buildings. #

I can imagine how crazy this guy thought he was when he saw this, after hooking up his brand new LCD monitor. "Hi, Tech Support? The pixels are walking around -- SERIOUSLY!" The discussions at the Apple Support discussions are 1 part humor, 1 part "yeah, that happens quite a bit." #

What actor has the highest total lifetime movie revenues? Beating Samuel L Jackson, Tom Hanks, and Harrison Ford is none other than Frank Welker, with $4.7 billion in receipts. Who is Frank Welker, you ask? First, go to this earlier entry and watch him in action, and then go to Wikipedia and learn all you need to know. If you think he sounds eerily like the ascoted Freddy from Scooby Doo, you'll find out why. #

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