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Don't ask why, just have a look at people made up to look like wild animals, using only sports & camping equipment. #

Bob Ross paints a target-sized painting, but manages to get in the way, with tragic results. Lovely work from the b3ta people, who are infinitely creative. #

Thank god crocodiles aren't smarter: a croc dashed up onto shore and grabbed a chainsaw right out of a person's hands. If the crocodile had figured out how to actually use the chainsaw, rather than crunching it up really good, it would have quickly become the most dangerous animal alive. #

Everyone's favorite The Onion writer and all-around loser, Jean Teasdale, has her own website now, evoking memories of Geocities, circa 1996. Ah, those was the days. #

It may be in Russian (Translate it with Babelfish), but the subject is very interesting: the re-use of animated sequences in Disney films of the 1970s. I've noticed some of them, having grown up with the Filmation crap of the 1980s was quite familiar with reusing cels, but the last segment on the Russian page is almost shocking. I actually had noticed the change in framerate during Robin Hood, but it turns out there's an explanation: it's a frame-by-frame tracing of Snow White's dance with the dwarves, and the frame-rate change was because of the difference in projection systems from the original movie, and they didn't even bother adding frames to make up the difference in film speeds. #

When an artist found his family's farmland had been sold to developers, he recreated the subdivision in crops on nearby land. From the air, it takes a second look; the pseudo-organic curvy streets are so obviously man-made these days that seeing them drawn in wheat is quite striking. #

We loves those VW commercials with Peter Stormare as the German unpimping specialist. My bro says any commercial with a trebuchet is a classic, so partly for him, and mostly because it's so damn cool: here's a behind-the-scenes video of the unpimping processes seen in the commercials.And, just because the commercials rock so much, here's all three in one video.

Of the past two weeks, 35% was spent in Wisconsin: we had van troubles, got stranded in Mauston, then upgraded to stranding in Milwaukee shortly after (with many interesting auto repair stories, which I may recount someplace, but haven't decided yet how to do so). During our time stranded in Milwaukee we were at the disposal of my in-laws. They are antique dealers of great accomplishment, who had recently scored the opportunity to manage an estate sale. While running an estate sale excuses you from being able to shop at the sale, you get the opportunity to examine everything without fighting off surly collectors and unwashed antique dealers, along with getting a cut from every sale. It also means, however, that in touching every item you are expected to throw out anything unsellable and organize all the sellable things on tables in an eye-appealing way - a week-long project for only a two-day sale. Fortunately for Dean and Val, the money they paid to their friends in the Norwegian Mob succeeded in our drive-shaft and water-pump self-destructing within seconds of each other, so we could be conscribed into helping with the estate sale set-up. Continue reading…

I like the Perry Bible Fellowship anyways, but this week's strip is great -- it's a spot-on mimicry of Edward Gorey's style...and subject matter. #

A Fargo man and a buddy were fishing in the flooding Red River, when one claims he lost a favorite fishing lure. What's a guy to do, except dive right in and retrieve it? Well, that river -- being composed of recently-melted snow -- drenched him in ice-cold water. What's a guy to do, but strip down naked? It'd be less of a tragedy, except that it happened on a bridge in full view of passers-by. Police stepped in, claim the man was extremely drunk (no!) and cited him with disorderly conduct. #

Fluffy gets a restraining order, too -- recognizing that wife-beaters and child-beaters also tend to be animal-beaters, Maine has passed a law for housepets to have protection when leaving abusive households. No doubt, this is also to protect an abused spouse from having their animal held in a precariously dangerous situation as emotional collateral. #

It's always amazing what technology can bring to art: a disembodied shadow interacts with viewers. The video is very creepy, but I so want to go see it myself. #

This totally rocks: a turf armchair for your backyard. Methinks Make magazine should figure out plans for it. The basic construction seems easy enough. #

We went for a walk this morning, but I didn't bother rating it. An MIT grad student, however, is working on a way to rate them. While third-world countries are probably much worse in terms of safety, there's a lot of modern cities that have no way to easily navigate from one end to the other on foot without worrying about how to cross a highway. Not that we're worried about conserving fossil fuels - our cities won't last longer than the gasoline supply, right? #

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