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For years, I saved my WalMart receipts in a little box; no reason, I just saved all my receipts.

Then, I had the crazy idea to put them on the internet. Put'em on the internet, and let people discuss them, discuss my shopping habits.

Millions of pageviews later, the website got pulled by the hosting company for some unknown reason (misuse, bandwidth hogging, who knows.) My last backup was done in April 2002, and the site has sat dormant since then.

After much thought, I've brought back the archives, purely for historical value.

This site is not sponsored, ordained, sanctioned, or provided by Wal*Mart. Really, its only relation to Wal Mart is that Wal Mart prints out the clearest receipts which scan well. If my grocery store's receipts didn't fade so bad, this would reference Hornbacher's instead.
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