17 November 1996

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(Submitted by Kory)

Was it a nice crib?

(Submitted by Bill)

Did you intentionally try to make it into "The Useless Pages

(Submitted by Derek)

Intentionally? NO! No no no no. Maybe. No. YES. no. YES. yes....um...I dunno...do you think I would get into a USEFUL webpage list? Unintentional or not, I doubt I'd have much change of getting listed anyplace else.

(Submitted by Derek)

OH -- to Kory: Yes, it was nice, despite being cheap, comparatively.

(Submitted by Scott)

At least you have a hobby. Do you work for the post office perhaps?

(Submitted by Frank)

Did ya apply for your Walmart card? U are one of those MotherFu%#ers that pays for everthing with a check! Get the Goddamned card man! Stop messin with text and join the modern world you dangerous person you! So, was the crib liked?

(Submitted by hunter)

So, approximately how much crack do you smoke a day?

(Submitted by Stride)

this better be leading up to something ...

(Submitted by rebecca)

i work at wal-mart...i am not proud. i find this ammusing.

(Submitted by October)

I wouldn't pay that much for a friggin' crib..

(Submitted by Julie)

I used to work at Wal-Mart. Thank the deity of your choice for people that actually keep their damn reciepts. This site (and you) rules.

(Submitted by Rem)

this is a revelation. my life is complete. the new millenium is far more promising with the visit of this site. thank you.

(Submitted by Kenny)

You probably should have bought CONDOMS at wal*mart so you wouldn't have to buy that CRIB. Regarding your web page...I guess you can find anything on the internet after all, keep up the (good?) work. :)

(Submitted by Chad)

What's the lil one's name, proud Dad-type? :)

(Submitted by NaffTSK)

Congrats! I've deemed you pointless enough to join The Pointless Pages Webring. I assume, of course, that it was you who applied. If it was just some practical joker, feel free to e-mail me and I'll remove you from the ring.

(Submitted by Chino)

did you know that your cradit cared # is on there?

(Submitted by Barb)

I can't believe I read it to the bottom of the comments. I can't believe I'm posting..AARRGGGHHHH!!!! You're a hypnotist is real life aren't you...

(Submitted by mary)

u r sooooo stupid! u noe what i think? u have no life!

(Submitted by Fire462)

Congratulations, well done. the most interesting page I have ever seen on the net. Lets see a lot more great websites like this

(Submitted by elionna)

Finally a page worth looking at! Woohoo!

(Submitted by chris)

when you sell the crib can i have first call??? sounds like a bargain to me!!!!!!!!!!!

(Submitted by Brenty2k)

hehehe what a way to win the useless page list

(Submitted by Que)

Wal-Mart reciepts? you know, I've never shopped at Wal- Mart and hopefully never will. On the web. 0k, I guess it starts a few conversations.

(Submitted by marco)

I think everybody who shops at the smalltown business crusher Wal*Mart should be forced to learn html and post a website with all their recepts. I think it is apt punshment.

(Submitted by jv)

it's so sad to see people all around me with such empty lives that they would actually be reading this far down.

(Submitted by Nikki)

Uh.... yeah. I guess this is what happens when people have WAAAAAY too much free time on their hands.

(Submitted by brenda)

I thought I was the only one who saved all my receipts. I find them everywhere. i think they multiply when I'm not looking. B for some reason, if I have to return somethin to Wal-Mart you can be sure, that receipt made a run for it and got out of the pack.

(Submitted by Ray)

$88.00 for a crib? How cheap can you be? Your child deserves far better than that. I bet that a ten- thousand acre Indonesian rain forest was devastated to produce that piece of s**t.

(Submitted by Flash Gordon)

You are worthless!!! This site is worthless!!! Who posts all of their Walmart reciepts on the web.... a FREAK!!!!

(Submitted by Gooy)

I think the Internet has finally peaked and is in its decline...ushering-in its descent are Wal-Mart receipts from an obviously disturbed individual

(Submitted by acp)

Wow! Is that a real Wal-mart receipt? I mean THE Wal- Mart of the USA? I think its real cool. I'm gonna start saving all my receipts from now on. Great site!

(Submitted by christal komo)

Your alright despite what everyone else has said. You are just doing something that noone else has done .Being different is really cool.

(Submitted by Krista)

Funny enough..I like it!! It is kinda fun checking out what people actually buy when they shop. Nice job doing something senseless and unique - ignore the idiots!

(Submitted by John)

You've apparently attracted the attention of a lot of people.. guess it's not such a stupid idea after all... or at least there are a lot of stupid people like me reviewing it!

(Submitted by Quark)

Great Website. Comic relief in the middle of the workday. Simple comedy. What a concept. Thank you.

(Submitted by Chris)

I just stumbled in.F#@*& Hillarious!The comments are the greatest.I'll be back to check them out!!!

(Submitted by T-JIGGA)


(Submitted by Crap-Magnet)

Dilworth? Are you serious? Bwaaahaaahaaa! Only in a place with a name like DILWORTH.... I say bravo, young man - BRAVO! Hey Shawna, this guy really DOES need a date or something...wheeeee!

(Submitted by Joe-Mama)

Heh heh - you said Dilworth.... But Crap Magnet, we read all the way down here, didn't we... :-(

(Submitted by YoInKsTeR)

Well, Well, Well. Looks like you're givig the Zellers website a run for their money. Good for you.

(Submitted by Ed)

TRAFFIC !!!! That's what it's all about, man. You KNOW when you load this page what it's going to be. But you still have to LOAD IT , DON'T YOU?!?!?!?!? Can I show you my website on my collection of nose pore puss?

(Submitted by Maggie the Cat)

You should get Wal-Mart to pay you a promotional fee--or at least give you some outdoor lawn candles or something for all your hard work! This is so funny!

(Submitted by Mattzarella)

I fell in Love at Wal-Mart once. Then we had a baby named Wally. You still using that crib?

(Submitted by azriel)

a unique idea..... too much time but at least u did something worthwhile.....

(Submitted by playwrote)

Finally! A web site that answers the big question:

(Submitted by somebody)

i am determined to sign every page i look at untl my head implodes

(Submitted by Pissybich)

I am infatuated by Wal-Mart receipts....they weaned me from Mall receipts. It gives me pleasure to view these receipts...not quite as good as going to Wal-Mart & blowng an entire paycheck on junk, but it's all good. I don't know if it's so good that my head would implode. <thinking>

(Submitted by ovni)

well i dont have time to do something like that but remember the original and diferent stuff are the best

(Submitted by punkergabe)

I just like posting comments. Recipts are cool. I have no life. Pity me

(Submitted by tom)

hehehehe im drunk

(Submitted by justbob)

HAHAHA! This one's right up there with hamsterdance.com.

(Submitted by krysz)

Oh my god I'm actually here. And I read all the comments on this page...I'll be reading the other pages too... gotta log that net time...and kill time at work.

(Submitted by Sam Walton)

As a former Wal Mart employee, I would like to say, STOP THIS! STOP GLORIFYING THE FUCKIN HELL HOLE THAT TRIVES ON THE MISERY OF ITS CUSTOMERS AND 'EMPLOYEES'. The "Wal Mart Way" is: Make a buck and to hell with who you kill to do it. Young people: stay away...you have no money to spend and are just there to shoplift! They *will* follow you and you *did* steal something...Oh and Sam Walton was Lactose Intolerant! LONG LIVE CHEESE!

(Submitted by Shanaynay)

I collected all of my walmart receipts and brought them into my daughter's first grade class to be used in arts and crafts. They sure make great paper mache pigs! My daughter named hers "zinfandel" because it was pink. We learn them about liquor at an early age, we do.

(Submitted by One armed Harry)

I can't belive I had to scroll to the bottom of this before I got to some adult content.

(Submitted by Corn Flake Jacket)

Thank you for contributing this marvelous piece of slack. Hail Eris. fnord. This message was brought to you by lesbian albino midgets.

(Submitted by Dynamo)

Here's a teaser for those that are just starting: He doesn't buy any toilet paper until THANKSGIVING for Christ's sake!!! (But he does buy about a zillion Dri- bottoms). He also manages to get by with only 2 feminine product purchases.

(Submitted by Dynamo)

I meant to say he doesn't buy any butt wipe until Thanksgiving of 1998!

(Submitted by Erica)

ok, I have to say, I spend a lot of useless time at wally- world, myself, purely for the amusement aspect (living in a small college town has it's downfalls) but if I ever think of collecting and showcasing all my reciepts, I hope someone will put me out of my misery! now I will (for some reason unknown to me) actually be nosy and scroll thru all your purchases... curiosity killed the cat, right? take care!

(Submitted by Vincent)

What amazes me is that I am actually so bored that I am looking thru this site.

(Submitted by Jez)

I would love to say that this site is SAD, but you appear to be getting more attention then me and I offer Free Technical Support!! Now I am jealous!! Nice One!!

(Submitted by Caitríona)

hello Derek my dear u are a sad git clearly with no life.goodbye hope u recover from ur apparent oddity im very worried.

(Submitted by Baby Girl)

I totally agree with you posting your recipts. It was a great experience to see the range in wall marts prices. Thanks for helping me get through this hard time in life, I am glad to know I can turn to these recipts for help!

(Submitted by D & R)

We both work at Wal-mart and must say that it's fu@#ing nice to see that SOME people keep their reciepts!!We're not really sure if this was a practical use of time to post this on the web......

(Submitted by Confused)

What happened to the crib??

(Submitted by Little Juan)

Ok. Great. Your an idiot.

(Submitted by wildcat)

How'd I end up here?!

(Submitted by Daibutsu)

Derek is Captain Planet! you are all cabbage! Almighty Eris i worship thee when i can be bothered!

(Submitted by avery prettywoman)

derek, walmart is my life, & u r my massiah. i like wallmart. i like cribs. i like paper. i like reciepts. i like the way u made me read all of those comments. i like people who have a lot of time on their hands. i like to drink. thanks to u derek, i now have an excuse to drink. ps. Daibutsu is right u r Captain Planet.

(Submitted by toplero)

Check out my.... I really don't know, guess I just couldn't com out with anything more useless than this. Congratulations (?) and I'm sorry for you.

(Submitted by Jaco)

Your child is probably 3 years and 2 monthes old now ?

(Submitted by RAZOR)


(Submitted by FRED)

WHAT THE FUCK?????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????

(Submitted by robert carrodus)

you r one sick little man.. but i am 2 so it doesnt matter.. u suck! :(

(Submitted by SLing)

Derek you have no life.

(Submitted by ChoGGi)

great website great waste of time keep up the good work

(Submitted by Graham)

Good idea for a website. I personally won't shop much at Wal-Mart anymore since they closed the old Woolco store they were in to move into a new 'box' store at the opposite end of town. Just wanted to tell the world that.

(Submitted by shorty)

some of you @ssholes are really rude, how many of you even have a web page!!!

(Submitted by George)

Get a life you weirdo

(Submitted by The Midnight Bomber)

I saw this web site on internet tonight on ZDTV so i figured I'd check it out and shamelessly promote my site: http://www.geocities.com/paral lax_mb and see what you buy

(Submitted by Evnglion)

I also saw this site on ZDTV's "Internet Tonight" during their strange sightings segment....and right they were about this being strange. One suggestion though, make a link on every receipt page to go to the reciept for the next day you were at Wally world...later

(Submitted by TRC)

2 words. Get Life.

(Submitted by Terry)

You Fucking Cocksucker

(Submitted by Bob LLama)

This site can only be properly described by one word and only one word. And that word is mip.

(Submitted by arin)

what exactly is it that you do, besides getting public attention to yourself?

(Submitted by V shmack)


(Submitted by feet)

I love you. I think, perhaps, I have always loved you. I truly believe that we can make this work. You, me, Walmart. Can you forget ours days of shopping bliss in the overpriced music aisle? Let's put aside our differences, darling...let's do it for Walmart.

(Submitted by Christiaan)

What the hell is a crib? I'm Dutch!

(Submitted by Smeghead)

Help.......me..........help... .....me.......I'm......reading .....this.....help......me.... ......

(Submitted by Lev)

No one else thinks its strange that the date is 11/17 and the time is 17:11?

(Submitted by Jolene)

The scary thing is how often you actually shop at Wal-Mart.

(Submitted by Prophet)

Everything that is done, is done for a purpose. Jah knows you have one.

(Submitted by freezergeezer)

I'm in heaven - I collect Wal- Mart receipts from all around the country! Any chance of me making an offer for the whole collection? Maybe they'll wind up on eBay.

(Submitted by Associate of the Year)

It's interesting how many visitors that will NEVER shop at Wal-Mart can't spell "receipt" (i before e EXCEPT after C ). Wal-Mart sells a dictionary for ninety-six cents....... ATTENTION WAL-MART CUSTOMERS!!! Please do not leave your children in the toy department while you shop elsewhere...Sarah, our friendly associate in toys, hates children and has a police record.

(Submitted by JD)

Will you post my receipts if I submit them? :)

(Submitted by Mike Boyd)

Did you buy a crib sheet later?

(Submitted by Dave)

Thanks for the laugh.

(Submitted by Steve)

The receipt is wrinkled. It's also crooked. But, it's cool. We bought a crib once. I don't think we paid that for it -- ours was more expensive.

(Submitted by Bosephus)

Your life has reach a new low

(Submitted by Baby)

Groove on, soul brother!

(Submitted by Mookie)

Dude! Love that site! I have dutifully recorded the contents of each and every receipt in my 'Interesting Stuff Ledger' which I hope to publish next year. Now, would it be possible to see pictures of the things you bought too?

(Submitted by Christopher Aviance)

you sick, sick, boy...very good

(Submitted by None of your damn business!)

This is a stupid ass website!!!

(Submitted by Daddy Myself)

I, too, have a crib from Wal- Mart. Three kids later, it was worth it. But you appear to have gotten a far better price. Is it still holding up?

(Submitted by pat)

this is the best thing on the web since that hamster thin

(Submitted by cindy brady)

You have wasted 4 minutes of my precious time.

(Submitted by Megan )

This has to be the funniest thing that I have ever seen!! Great job!

(Submitted by Matt)

The sad thing is that you live in DILWORTH!! HAHA!

(Submitted by Yvonne)

Stop. Rewind. Re-read. I didn't think anyone went to WalMart as often as I do. Like every-friggin-day... Very funny commentary, we all need a life it seems.

(Submitted by Josh Ronsen)

I have never been to WalMart in my life (that I can remember). But at least now I know what their reciepts look like. Thanks for the great site. Truly, a work of art.

(Submitted by moo)

I work online. All day. Every day. Just when I think I've seen it all, there comes something so pointless it's brilliant. A true testament to the hell that is our lives. Thank you.

(Submitted by Wally)

This has to be the single biggest useless webpage I have ever seen! What's your point, man? Were you saving all those receipts for tax write-offs or what? Then you realized a CRIB isn't tax deductible, so you came up with a new use for them, right? Why don't you just wallpaper your kid's walls with them, too! Then you can install a web cam in the nursery while you're at it. I only wish I had so much time on my hands. Hey - at least you're original.

(Submitted by donaley)

This reminds me of rubbernecking at a fender bender, nobody really gets hurt, it slows everybody down, and provides a little interest on the boring ride to/from work. No harm, kinda interesting. Love the comments.

(Submitted by Anastacia)

Had to add a comment to say thanks for a laugh! Always love interesting & unusual sites. Glad your scanner came in handy - I know mine does!

(Submitted by Friday night surfer)

I find this utterly amusing...and yes...I read all the comments. It's the little things in life and those with a grand sense of ingenuity and humor that truly make the world go 'round. Congratulations on your art interpretation which has put a smile on the face of yet, one more person.

(Submitted by Jen)

Thank you Sir for a site that actually loads faster than the time it takes me to make toast. i really enjoy these little obscure parts of the web, keep creating something that only the really freakish voyers can appreciate. love Jen

(Submitted by pantsCrapper)

uh....I need a kleenex, I'm really emotionally touched by all the love in this room. I'm not voting for Hillary. I think my dog needs glasses, can I get him a pair at Wally World?

(Submitted by sheree)

I can't believe you dedicated a web page to this dribble.

(Submitted by Larissa)

Well ... I can't say that it has made my life any fuller, however, I find this eminently amusing and I wish I had as much time and money to waste <grin>

(Submitted by Crystal)

This is quite interesting...i'm not quite sure what the point of it is...but interesting yes. =)

(Submitted by UglyMullet)

I really don't know what possessed you, but I think I understand you ....

(Submitted by Nasus Yelserp)

Oddly compelling, in a tasty way.

(Submitted by Sarah)

I think it's really cool that you actually did something different than everyone else. It's kinda weird, but funny and creative at the same time. Keep up the good work!!!

(Submitted by betty)

Definately one of my favorite sites. Useless sites are much more useful than useful ones.

(Submitted by Julie)

Where is Dilworth, Minnesota?

(Submitted by Sticky)

I got ripped....I paid lots more for a crib a walmart years before 96

(Submitted by LuLu)

Can I join you at your crib?

(Submitted by Jade Ape)

No other web site captures the essence of the human spirit quite like Derek's Big Website of Wal-Mart Purchase Receipts. Four stars, better than "Cats" and yes, I would see it again.

(Submitted by Dr.S)

It scares me that this web page may be rediscovered 1,000 years from now and become part of our archaeological history. This may become a measure of our intellect and scope of rational reasoning.

(Submitted by Thomas)

OW! OW! I read too far down! This site is so odd my head hurts! OUCH

(Submitted by Paula Bright)

Derek, Your site really moved me. I wept when I read the negative review from the Pointless Man. Has he no shame? No sense of civic pride? Oh, the humanity. I gotta go now. My macaroni is boiling over.

(Submitted by sean)

I wish I had time to put all of my old paperwork on the web. Oh, wait, I throw it away. Your site is a great illustration of the crap that is on the web. I'm going to use your site in my classes.

(Submitted by Nixstress)

I find it hilarious all the people leaving messages telling you to get a life, calling you a freak yada yada. If anyone has a problem with this website then they need to take a look at themselves for one, visiting the site and two, actually taking the time to read the messages, scroll down and leave their own.

(Submitted by ashe)

Wow...I heard about this on 99x (radio) in Atlanta....didn't think it was so exstensive....to each, his own...it IS a fun page, tho.....good job.

(Submitted by Pat)

I think it is hysterical!!! I love it and I'm sending it to all my friends! lol

(Submitted by Angela)

I purchased the same exact crib, that same year...it was a deal! :-)

(Submitted by The Sinnovator)

Ignore those who say you have no life. They took the time to browse post.

(Submitted by Klaus)

What a cool idea. You're a true pioneer.

(Submitted by MiniB)

Wasn't it cramped sleeping in a crib?

(Submitted by Lindsay)

*Laughing*... I love it!

(Submitted by Chasity)

And your point is?? Help me out here. You saved these receipts for what reason? And you felt the need to post them on the internet for everyone to see, huh? You must be a really, really bored person. Find a REAL hobby!

(Submitted by Tess)

Are you on drugs or are you just a complete nut?

(Submitted by dewkey)

reading the comments sounds much better if you use a Rastafarian accent. have fun you lucky people!

(Submitted by Rosie)

Abi, why did you send me this? Stop it. Stop it at once.

(Submitted by Aureus)

Your page rocks, it's fun, it's cool and, most importantly, it's original. Keep it up!

(Submitted by Kefka)

I've seen some strange websites lately.. But you, sir, are a freak and a half. Keep up the good work fellow wal-mart shopper ;)

(Submitted by Yu-huh)

ya know.. in tha good ol' days tax was only 3 cents! at max! ... and cribs were three dollars! for a nice one!!!! ...

(Submitted by You)

You're dreamy. Will you marry me? I'm a guy BTW.

(Submitted by Nick)

I was looking at this page and noticed you are from Dilworth. The odd thing is that is where I live. I'll come visit you sometime.

(Submitted by livonia joe)

Very cool site. But do you know how annoying it is to stand in line an extra 10 minutes while the person in front of you writes a check? Use plastic for christsakes!!! $95 for a crib? Was it ever recalled?

(Submitted by Good Grief)

Wouldn't your child be much happier if you spent as much time with him/her as you did scanning your Wal-mart receipts onto this site?

(Submitted by JOHN)


(Submitted by Frank)

You suck and are pathetic!!!

(Submitted by B)

Love the site, despite what the cynics seem to say, i think it's great when people have original ideas and follow through with them, keep up the good work!

(Submitted by buckytron)

You should make paper mache dinosaurs out of these. Call them Wal-Mart Paper Dino Bots.

(Submitted by Smiley)

I found your site via www.dailyradar.com and I didn't see what was so funny about the "Daily Obsession". However, after reading several of these comments (this is a stupid site...This site rocks!....yadda yadda yadda), I now understand what was so funny. =P And this is only after seeing one receit with only one purchase on it! Hat's off to you for proving that we will waste our time on anything to entertain us - the populous. =P

(Submitted by Lou Dog)

I remember back in the day when the internet was used for usefull things like porn. Did you ever buy Wal-mart brand cola? I think it tastes like gasoline with some anti- freeze in it. LOVE THE PAGE!!!!!!

(Submitted by EnriqueHavoc)

you are a god. I thought i was the only one...

(Submitted by Leonard)

Where the hell is Dilbert, MN?

(Submitted by FuManPimpSkeeto)

You da man! Your website is friggin classic!!!! Wal Mart Rules!!!

(Submitted by Skratchy)

A total loss for words. Nothing that I can type will top this. -Mayo, you think you guys love it go to FRANCE, they like it warm! -The Crib, no comment. -Wal*Mart, where else can you buy pizza, ammo, clothes, and gardening supplies? For the best sampling of the diverse human body, go there with a camera. -Amount of work I got done today = the same amount of work that you didn't do, minus the time it took to read all of the other posts below mine. -Bonus, you have received the order of the GOAT. 555

(Submitted by bungalo pete)

you guys have no respect for comedy

(Submitted by stef pietnik)

Great page...Wal Mart recently took over a chain store here in England: (Asda) Read of the site in Fortean Times. Keep it going!!

(Submitted by Mark)

In the two hours it took me to read all these receipts + comments, TWO (2) more comments were added after mine. And its now 5am.

(Submitted by Rosie)

Donnie dearie, as a matter of fact I have never ever ever been to a Walmart in my life, so don't go making assumptions. Remember, the internet is international. Now would you run that idiocy thing by me once again please? Where I live we have Sainsbury's.

(Submitted by And)

It's quite possible that, at the end of time, this site could become the single conduit in which all internet users post their single contribution to meaningless drivel, and for that I am thankful. And now I am fulfilled.

(Submitted by MaryEllen Rikkers)

Oh great! Another person from MN doing something nutty. Isn't Jessie embarrassing enough? Actually, have fun. We do that very well in this beautiful state. And ignore the angry people , like Bret. Everything doesn't have to be so serious. For Bret: I've never seen an area that supports its local businesses like MN. People start out at Target (yes, it's a VERY big locally owned business). Then they go to Walmart, if it's not at Target - keeps Target on their toes. And keep your ranting to one subject. We listen better if you do that. Derek, continue to have fun. It's good for you.

(Submitted by Mandi)

I would have to agree w/ some of the ppl... this is by far the most strangest, yet most unique website I have ever seen! But.. I'd have to say that Target is MUCH better! :)

(Submitted by General Kaxzbata)

After carefull study of the comments on this site, it is determined that there is no intellegent life on earth, and it must be destroyed.

(Submitted by Crystal)

I see you didn't buy anything else.... so YOU must be one of those freaks who can actually resist the candy bars around the check-out counter.

(Submitted by RealityWarrior)

Derek For President!!

(Submitted by zyrphie)

I can't believe I have read this right to the end - it must be a horribe fascination! We don't have Wal-Mart in Australia, only K-Mart. Original idea!

(Submitted by Joe man)

what the heck? what would posses you to scan you walmart recipits, and why the heck would you buy a crib at walmart why not go to a baby store you probably could geta better price for it ps.i heard of you from dailyradar.com

(Submitted by sarah r say selecta )

Barbie, Sie struben! Sturben sie and sie gehen zur Holle

(Submitted by Duh? )

Haha, well now. I saw this and you on Internet Tonight on ZDTV. Hell if it gets ya on TV it's gotta be good! No? Good, uh, work?

(Submitted by Solid Snake )

What's up in Dildo, ND?

(Submitted by scout )

Is this the meaning of life?

(Submitted by Garfield )

I fell asleep while reading this stuff and my boss is gonna be pissed. (A) because i was reading this stuff. (B) because i should have been working, but this was more interesting than work. (C) Because i fell asleep.

(Submitted by Jenn )

Hey Derek.. I think its a cool page. Its a useless page, which is a cool aspect. Anyway, I wanna make a dumb useless page just like this, so many people will look at it to see how dumb it is. ANyway, I congradulate ya... good job.

(Submitted by Char )

OK, I only went into search to find out what time wal-mart was open until tonight. But by the time I'm finished reading this trash it will be closed. By the way we got our kids crib at consumers distributing, and thats even lower class.

(Submitted by charlie )

I thought I had a life... until I read all the way to the bottom of these friggin' comments

(Submitted by Dennis )

WalMart is my friend...and you can't take it away from me. By the way, I was on a plane to Tokyo and a whole team of WalMart techies were on the same flight. What would have happened if it crashed? No more receipts!?!?!?! God save us.

(Submitted by Rajeev )

So, tell me, whats the fine print? You tryin' ta be different are you? Jolly good... I guess all of us love a bit of attention... perhaps a collection of doggybags and popcorn boxes next?

(Submitted by John Audirsch )

That's an awful lot to pay for a crib.

(Submitted by The Chewing Gum Wrapper Collector )

this proves mt belief that "because I can, therefore I will" No matter how useless it is.

(Submitted by CadaVre )

This site is testament to the depths the human spirit has sunk too. It needed pointing out IMO.

(Submitted by Billy of BC )

Now I have TWO exciting places that I've visited this month: (1)-This website; (2)- My bellybutton. Thanks for making it worth it to get up the next day!

(Submitted by Brick )

I heard you on "Wait, Wait don't tell me!" Cool Website. Neat concept -Brick

(Submitted by Postal )

Well now this makes at least two hits that you got off of people listening to NPR. Nice Site.

(Submitted by xty )

derek... i think i love you.

(Submitted by Mojobubba )

Fine sight for what it is. How it became a chat room for some is a bit interesting and annoying. Is there no way of editing the comment section to the topic at hand, or would that be violating the "art"? Heard your excellent performance on NPR so chalk one up for free publicly funded advertising. Carry on!

(Submitted by KEVHEAD24 )

Heard you on Kev the other day. This is too much. You should get him to link up! -from one of the other 25 listeners (yes it has made huge strides-since the days there were only 10 of us).

(Submitted by Flicka )

Funny. No really. Ha Ha.

(Submitted by for the crazies )

We need Walmart. If not for Walmart where would all the stupid people work?

(Submitted by Heather )

i think it's cool that all these people make fun of you but they're actually spending their time looking at your web site. cool!

(Submitted by poo shooter )

funny thing is... i was trying to shop online for a pair of jeans, and here i am 40 minutes later. damn your eyes!!!!

(Submitted by annie )

hey everyone look at me im turning off my computer and im going out to get a life!!!

(Submitted by Brice D. Varbel )

So is that your pickup line you ask girls if they want to come chill in your crib?

(Submitted by sugarzero )

Heya Derek! You live in Dilworth,MN eh! Craziness. I know I'll be made fun of for sayin the name of my town but I'm from Moorhead(honest swear to god that's the real name). Anyhoo. I shop at the Dilworth Walmart too, and sometimes me and my friends go in there, and there's this old man who's a greeter, and we make him chase us around the store, and then we split up so he gets disgruntled. Do you know who I am talking about? Perhaps you could take a picture of him,run away and put it on your website,hahaha that would be funny. I have just realized that as I am typing this, the words are echoing in a monotone voice in my head which means only one thing,pokemon's on tv! lata! oh,p.s. cool page : ) I saw it in Seventeen. p.p.s.check out my page! http://members.tripod.com/jojo _bubbles/index.htm <~~~that's my page about myself, and then there's http://members.tripod.com/powe rpg/index.htm <~~~~that ones about the powerpuff girls : ) chaos all you crazy kids!

(Submitted by Mel )

I love Walmart! It rocks!!

(Submitted by Inzana )

Gimme a 'W' Gimme a 'A' Gimme a 'L' Gimme a 'Squiggley' (~) Gimme a....... This site tops the Wal~Mart cheer! Hoooray for Wal~Mart. Man, this site rocks!

(Submitted by Justine )

You're weird. This is scary! Why keep receipts if you don't need them? And you must go to Walmart ALOT! hmm..

(Submitted by Andrea )

Dude, I think this website is cool. I go to Walmart alot too.....

(Submitted by Kimberley )

Ummm, ok, this is weird, but i like it!

(Submitted by Dildo the dog )


(Submitted by Wydone Jablomi )

lol... what a great site. I must say it's innovative and you've definitely got more visitors than some sites I've seen. I'll tell all my friends once I'm done beating this guy to death with his own leg. Be right back

(Submitted by Noah )

Have you ever heard of OCD? You may want to consider seeing a doctor about a prescription for Prozac.

(Submitted by Lisa )

you are the coolest dude ever. I love you.

(Submitted by JD )


(Submitted by thoran )

By presenting a representation of an artifact which itself is representative of the banal everyday aesthetic which we all share, you convey a sense of purposeless functionalism and the indifferent socio-political mechansims which encourage it, which is so typical of post-industrial consumerism. This site constitutes a wonderful contribution to digital art. Bravo!

(Submitted by kepeb )

reciepts are cool men are not

(Submitted by fnord )


(Submitted by krevice )

This is the closest approximation to humanity this world is allowed to notice.

(Submitted by Katie )

I found your site in Seventeen magazine...and why did you buy a "human skull"??? That's very disturbing...LOL...and by the way, the ad in Seventeen is titled "Weird Wide Web."

(Submitted by Jessica )

I heard abouth this site in a seventeen magazine (december 2000 issue)

(Submitted by harry )


(Submitted by Nina )

I saw this site when I was trying to find out if Walmart sold caller id thingys. I did not find what I was looking for, but stumbled across this pitifully useless site. I love it!

(Submitted by Maynard )

bah.. I've seen better.

(Submitted by kidjones )

Sheer brilliance. What the web was built for. Don't listen to Surfygirl, fucking Australians...

(Submitted by DerekG )

Hello Derek, I'm Derek. At one point I thought I was the only odd one. Now, I know that I am not the only one out there with my name that is as insane as me. It's a shame I didn't think of this first. My eyes are blurred after reading ALL the posts in one sitting. Shoulda bookmarked it and read it in batches. It's comforting to know that, I'm not the only one.

(Submitted by snowgirl )

Well, that's one hour I'll never get back! People that don't know where Dilworth is could use a map.

(Submitted by Elizabethe )

you might want to see a psychiatrist about this 'little' habit of yours....strange strange i must say...gawd, the world is filled with lunatics :P

(Submitted by NYCFASHIONGIRL )


(Submitted by Melissa )

Do you have a baby or did you just buy the crib for the hell of it?

(Submitted by John Doe )

This is a great site for social psychologists and market analysts. You could actually start charging for access.

(Submitted by the bored beautiful sexy girl that stumbled upon this site on a saterday whne she was at home with the flu and sitting in her computer in her jammies )

i love it! the comments rule...did you know your crdit card # is on there?!?! i got the wed addy in 17 magazine.....

(Submitted by marie )

brilliant. don't worry Derek; if you have a receipt with an expired warranty date, you can selectively washit and extend the warranty. They are sympathetic when you explain it got lost in the wash. I love planet Wal-Mart where customer rules. You should run for governor of your state. You're better than Jesse. Hey, forget the state, you should be president, far smarter, far more resourceful, and far far more harmless.

(Submitted by Kristi )

This is the strangest website I have ever seen, human beings are very strange, in fact, I'm strange to be actually making a comment, ok, I'm leaving now. Good luck on your

(Submitted by Christee )

I have the same crib and the same roll back price... I gave mine to my sister and you? I alos keep receipts..especailly for ELECTRONICS.. Funny thing I have the receipt for my cordless phone 100.00 taped to my closet door in the kitchen..Why? Who knows...I suppose in case it stops working and I have to return it...

(Submitted by Joe Connor )

The weird thing is your site is one of this weeks cool sites listed on the British Gas website, strange connection eh? Very entertaining, I'll add a link to my cantBarsed.com website!

(Submitted by qwerty asdf )

You think THAT is the wierd thing? Man, didn't you see the comments and stuff?

(Submitted by Andrea )

I think you should make a quilt out of these reciepts. Then you can bring it to Washington DC. You'd be a hero to all the hillbilly type people who work, play, and shop at Walmart.

(Submitted by Will )

For this page being on the, "Where not to surf page" It sure gets viewed by a bunch of people.

(Submitted by mama )

Hey, dude! I have a receipt for that SAME DAMN CRIB, but dated 1992!!! You know it is still the same price as yours! hahahaha Walmart rules!

(Submitted by Jaycee )

How bored am I? Really bored! I think it's hilarious that so many people have told you to get a life. Like if they had one, they'd be here reading your Wal-Mart receipts??? Hey, I admit I don't have one. Rock on!

(Submitted by Jan )

I was trying to buy a skein of yarn.. now I am laughing till tears roll down my face. Thank you all......God bless America

(Submitted by YVETTE )


(Submitted by threenorns )

this is.....wierdly spectacular. i don't know how else to put it. i have a sister who works in a box factory who will probably really appreciate this site....

(Submitted by Issabelle )

I like walmart and all, but your to obsessive

(Submitted by Dave )

What a colossal waste of web space! Nay, a pathetic waste!! I’ll bet SOME have actually spent time reading all these comments.

(Submitted by Rose )

What a web-page!! I try to learn something new every day...today I learned there are even more stupid people than I thought there were.... (uh, not you Derek-you're my hero)

(Submitted by Dominic )

I use to work at Wal Mart, pushing carts. I got fired for going to Toys R Us playing video games and smokin pot in the warehouse. Heh heh. Beating up that customer probably didn't help me much either. God I hate Wal-Mart, and the employees ain't really as happy as they are on the commercials. Theres also not a floating happy face that lowers prices, I would have seen him during my time there.

(Submitted by Daisy0410 )

Just think, some day your kid can look back on this and be so very of his father! I really can't believe I just read all these comments and am writing one myself. I really have to go now before I stumble across another page like this, sorry man!

(Submitted by alan )

i think it is a nice reciept, it very good shape for being 5 years old

(Submitted by wig )

Don't you know they'll take ANYTHING back even without a receipt? Even 'em guns I bought thar'!

(Submitted by rnch )

Totally Cool! I LOVE Wal-Mart. It's one of the few stores where I can get great products at reasonable prices. I cringe when I hear the prices that some of my relatives pay for items that they bought elsewhere. Now that our area has a Super Wal-Mart... it's finally making the nearby grocery stores lower some of their prices to where they should be. LONG LIVE WAL-MART!!!!

(Submitted by Layzdaze )

Hey, that was my 39th birthday, 11/17/96...kewl

(Submitted by Me )

Well, AT least its not porn. But I guess most the comments ppl put on here would make it porn. I can't believe i'm so sad that I actually read all that (Well I scrolled through most of it...Actually about 90 % of it) anyway I'm young I have a life why am I on this site? I can't believe some of the things people PUT on this site its a wee bit sad then again so is the site but it attracted a lot of people and a load of ppl made comments so I guess its a sucess in a sense.

(Submitted by Needlmyer )

People, people! You are missing the point here. What Derick is trying to find out is...(and some day you will all see that this is important)..how many Walmart shoppers like mayonaise?! Now, do you get it?

(Submitted by Queue )

As you can see, corporate america has the public by the balls. He who despises Wal Mart has been sucked in just as much as the Wal Mart lovers. Ridiculusly low wages paid to already grumpy employees are sadly are a dime a dozen, while mass producing useless shit in tiny countries where they pay 30 cents/month. If only morality and profit were on opposite ends of the scale. A toast of Guiness your site. *cheers* Good work.

(Submitted by mighty mouse )

hey dude this is the most interesting site i have seen in a while, but how did you think to do this? are you that bored? or were you just trying to do somehting original, something that has never been done before? well if it was that you did a damn good job, keep it up.

(Submitted by renee )

how in the hell did all these people know that you bought a crib? i'm a walmartaholic and i think that this is on e of the funniest sites that i've seen in a long time....

(Submitted by derek )

dude... you're twisted... the child sleeping in that crib is the child of satan

(Submitted by SystemBoard )

I like the website. I think that the people that read the website and dont like it and then take their useless time to post something on here saying that the site is dumb or gay or whatever need help. That is the real waste of time here.

(Submitted by Terry Maxwell )

What a sad, ignorant, American idiot you really are. Bet you don't publish this!

(Submitted by Willow )

I think this site is way too cool. And for all you retarded brain bashers out there . SHUT the fuck up. It is refreshing that some one put something on the net that is fun and light hearted.

(Submitted by Janine )

Are you gonna take this s**t from these people. They probably have worthless sites. I give ya a hand, it is a very unique site and it shows that you care for your child...Half the people who commit on this site are probably wellfare bums and they cant afford a crib for there many kids. So...love your site.

(Submitted by veronica )

what amazes me is that those people who keep saying this is a worthless site are actually investing so much of their "worthy" time cutting it up. Isn't that ironic! Don't ya think?

(Submitted by joeystarbuks )

Sooo, do you come here a lot? I think I have just found MY NEW HEROOOOO!!!

(Submitted by Janine )

Are you gonna take this SHIT from these people. They probably have worthless sites. I give ya a hand, it is a very unique site and it shows that you care for your child...Half the people who commit on this site are probably wellfare bums and they cant afford a crib for there many kids. So...love your site.

(Submitted by bizrent )

i work @ "wally world" and most of the merchandise is "cheap" yes, but even the name brand stuff is crap so...make sure your crib is safe it might disentegrate...EVIL WALMART

(Submitted by Semper fi )


(Submitted by Brendon Vidal )

Hi I was just wondering if you shop at walmart so much you wouldnt happen to know a site I can order stuff off of do you? (a canadian one) thank you

(Submitted by pyscho chick )

omg this site sooo kicks ass!!! but that much for a crib? u crazy damn i'm pyscho and i don't even shop at wal- mart gimme a break! hint- targert

(Submitted by VanDerChet )

Shazzam! Although a bit less interesting than going through my own reciepts, I find the comments from those who say (to-the-effect of): "You have no life" and don't you have anything better to do than ............." to be quite interesting-- I mean, now the "pot" seems to be calling the "kettle" back! I OPENLY admit that I have nothing..... NOTHING better to do with my time, at this monent, than to post a bill that probably, no one will evere read (With the acception of you kind sir)! The End

(Submitted by big K )

your a fucking loser. scanning receipts?? what a fucking waste of time. You must be welfare if u shop at fucking walmart so much. get a life take this shitty site off the net. hell i can submit this site adress to warez.com and some one will hack it cuz its so fucking crappy

(Submitted by Tom )

Get a fuckin' LIFE, for Christ sake!

(Submitted by Aaron )

WOW!! I am truly amazed at the amount of time you have in your useless life. Congrats. We are all proud of you.

(Submitted by Store #0001 )

I work at the Wal*Mart Courtesy Desk and it is very nice to see that people actually do keep their receipts! I love the page!

(Submitted by kris )

I don't know what to say. This is just too cool for words.

(Submitted by george )

Well, I suppose, that somewhere here, we can find the meaning to life.....

(Submitted by Sara Bentley )

Uhhhhh......At least you know how to put a website on the computer I guess. I think this is just your messed up way to get a reaction out of everyone. Congrats. It worked.

(Submitted by Ashley )

Ignore all these rude people...no one threatened them to view the page...ne- ways, cool page...pointless...but cool :)

(Submitted by mhoff1 )

I can relate b/c I too am sinking in a quagmire of Wal- Mart receipts. Great idea for a site & WHY NOT? and the feedback (most of it) is hillarious!

(Submitted by me )

I think you should ignore all these nasty comments and do what you like to do. I think it's a cool website. And for all you people that are posting such negative remarks, you must not have a life either if you read through all these messages. Do you know how long it actually took to read each and every message on this page? I mean get real. Do you know what else you could have done in the time it took you to read all of them? Give the man a break. Derek, you keep up the good work!!!! P.S. Take care of the little one too. From the looks of it, you are doing a pretty good job.

(Submitted by kristen )

this site is hilarious. i come on at least once a week to see if there is anything new. i work at walmart( and hate it) but i think this is actually amusing. Good Site.

(Submitted by mandi )

so i am guessing ur bordline crazy or borderline genius? i am thinkin crazy well hope ur crib lives up to its potential id like to also go with that one comment how much crack do u smoke a day!?

(Submitted by Sky Worships Derik )

I worship Derik!!!!!! I wish i was as cool as Derik!!!!!! Long live this site!!!!!!!!!!

(Submitted by LacE )

This has got to be one of the most HILARIOUS websites i've ever been to... and all of u people who think any different have no sense of humor!!! u all sadden me deeply for putting down this ingenius website!!! I think we should all build a temple to worship this wonderful site!!!!

(Submitted by Jess )

This site is cool. Congrats on the Bob Napkin award. Thats a big deal.

(Submitted by Derek S (not the same person as this pages designer) )

Ok, this page was sent to me because we have the same name. When I first viewed it I thought you had to be a mental patient on the run. Now I find my self visiting often just for laughs but am wondering about myself since I am now moved enough to leave a post. I still have a few reservations about the tapes you listen to though, that part concerns me. Maybe not the fact that you listen and then post them but that with have taken the time to print all the text. But i listened, so again what does that say about me. Thanks for the fun.

(Submitted by goody two-condoms )

I'm with Darkstar... No-one came to this site without a little aimless time on their hands. Now, if this site is up because it's incredibly important to you... You have no life. I assume it's amusing to you, not necessary.

(Submitted by Jamie )

You must not have cable!!!

(Submitted by DESIGN MAJOR )

This is the site I chose to write on for my design homework

(Submitted by Emotion Eric )

You have a pointless website. - emotioneric.com

(Submitted by i love cheese )

my eyes hurt

(Submitted by riding wheelies all fucking day )

wow, this is more fun than a boner and an upside down jar of creamy warm peanut butter. A fucking wal-mart receipt for a damn website.

(Submitted by Dan )

I'm not going to read this. Sorry.

(Submitted by pokey )

this site is fuckin crazy-i love it. fuck the assholes puttin it down-they don't have to look at it.

(Submitted by Type Name Here )

Enter abligatory stupid comment here...

(Submitted by slap happy squirrel )

people sayin "get a life," yet they here lookin at it, and keep on lookin far enough to post a comment, what crack smokin c*ck knockers

(Submitted by Fox )

Best site I've ever seen, damn near made me cry. Got any other web sites?

(Submitted by triaminic )

so cool. i think you should show a collection of your stamps and rocks too.

(Submitted by mattquik )

It's shit like this that makes the internet so slow. Don't you have better things to do? Like, play with your Pokemon toys or invite your buddys over for a intense game of Magic The Gathering? Get a life!

(Submitted by Tom C )

I think this is a wonderful site. And to all the people who say he should have something better to do, excuse me, why are you here and posting if you have something better to do. It is the little things in life that bring amusement to us, and this brings joy to my day.

(Submitted by Had to squeeze this post in around helping a friend move, work, college, taking care of a kid, and doing various others things )

mattquik may not be so quick, methinks this is on a different server than say, the one that hosts his lame ass site where he posts the two MP3s he's made, so no, it's not. I think that people who acknowledge that posting here means you have no life who are the ones who are the worst, not the flamers. As I've said before, reading something interesting and/or funny in no way reflects how busy your life is. And it's the ppl that say, "Well, you posted here too, so you also have no life" that really get on my nerves. Can't you actually read the posts and see that it's already been said literally 20 times? ARRGGG.

(Submitted by yo momma )

get a life you f***** didnt have any thing better to do your the f*****s thats ruin the web

(Submitted by colorchrome )

this is SO wild!!! I love it!!!

(Submitted by Bin Abscondin )

I have fasted to sit and read the words of the american-satan-infidels. The holy writ is contained in receipts. Continue in peace and make pilgrimage to your Wal-Mart. Give praise to Wallah and shop 7 times around the entire store. Wallah be praised! Death to infidels!

(Submitted by English person )

Hmm, I entered "really cool websites" into Yahoo! and it came up with this! That's more than twisted irony...that's INSANE!

(Submitted by Bin Laden )

Aha! I will fly two airplanes into your plie of receipts and kill endless amounts of little purple numbers!

(Submitted by wacky )

hehee, you funnnyy :)

(Submitted by Joey )

Don't know how I ended up here..but anyone who can get this much fun out of sitting in front of a computer is defintley worth being provided with a comment....Maybe I should start a site with my auto repair bills!!!!

(Submitted by Sam Walton )

I wouldn't suggest this site to anyone over my dead body.

(Submitted by Nancy from France )

How'bout a receipt of a french supermarket to put on your page? This would mean international celebrity for you!!

(Submitted by One Hot Babe )

Derek - where have you been all my life?

(Submitted by The Same Hot Babe )

If Cheez is down here, wud up?! I've found my soulmate! Ask if Derek has a brother as gifted as him!

(Submitted by I can't believe I read this far. )

This place is almost as exciting as an open box of stale corn flakes. Thank you.

(Submitted by El Dry-o )

Woah... My life flashed before my eyes after I finished reading all that... Deep stuff.

(Submitted by imnative )

unbelievable...and holy shyte i actually made it to the other side!!! was gonna say bottom but there's probably kids around and you know kids. it was fun for a while in regaae but reading it like you're from the movie or town of Fargo is much better and music would like be good ya know? Um and yes i doo like mayonaise too with some rabbits that taste like chicken...but its not fun when you forget to buy the chicken tasting rabbits...ps. nice job on the crib

(Submitted by Ric )

coming from the trailer-trash that actually shops at Wal- Mart I am not at all surprised at this web site. I hide the receipts when and if I ever shop there. I also wear a hat, sunglasses and fake facial hair so no one recognizes me. One of the most obvious reasons I don't shop at Wal-Mart is that I have to rent a sub-compact car because I would nevere leave my Ferrari in the frickin parking lot. The trailer trash would steal it, or worse, in the few minutes I spent inside the store buying underwear. Speaking of clothes, who would ever wear the garbage they sell there. Oh, that's right. I know. Someone who posts their receipts proudly on the internet. WOW! Far out. Iand I thought the sixties were behind us.

(Submitted by Terry )

S u c k e r

(Submitted by Jim )

Wal*Mart rocks, Derek rocks and so does Ovaltine. Did you have a small plastic bag of parts left when you assembled the crib?

(Submitted by Bryan )

No offense but this is very weird

(Submitted by Miguel Mayo )

Geez and I worked there, I think you could find somthing better to do.

(Submitted by rex )

Why does Big D and Bubba have such a ignorant website on there "links page" of their website???

(Submitted by comrend )

(Submitted by Kory) Was it a nice crib? (Submitted by Bill) Did you intentionally try to make it into "The Useless Pages (Submitted by Derek) Intentionally? NO! No no no no. Maybe. No. YES. no. YES. yes....um...I dunno...do you think I would get into a USEFUL webpage list? Unintentional or not, I doubt I'd have much change of getting listed anyplace else. (Submitted by Derek) OH -- to Kory: Yes, it was nice, despite being cheap, comparatively. (Submitted by Scott) At least you have a hobby. Do you work for the post office perhaps? (Submitted by Frank) Did ya apply for your Walmart card? U are one of those MotherFu%#ers that pays for everthing with a check! Get the Goddamned card man! Stop messin with text and join the modern world you dangerous person you! So, was the crib liked? (Submitted by hunter) So, approximately how much crack do you smoke a day? (Submitted by Stride) this better be leading up to something ... (Submitted by rebecca) i work at wal-mart...i am not proud. i find this ammusing. (Submitted by October) I wouldn't pay that much for a friggin' crib.. (Submitted by Julie) I used to work at Wal-Mart. Thank the deity of your choice for people that actually keep their damn reciepts. This site (and you) rules. (Submitted by Rem) this is a revelation. my life is complete. the new millenium is far more promising with the visit of this site. thank you. (Submitted by Kenny) You probably should have bought CONDOMS at wal*mart so you wouldn't have to buy that CRIB. Regarding your web page...I guess you can find anything on the internet after all, keep up the (good?) work. :) (Submitted by Chad) What's the lil one's name, proud Dad-type? :) (Submitted by NaffTSK) Congrats! I've deemed you pointless enough to join The Pointless Pages Webring. I assume, of course, that it was you who a

(Submitted by karn )

I'm with Miguel Mayo! This is weird.

(Submitted by Rod )

This is the craziest thing i have ever seen. You are truly the laziest(but imaginative) person i have ever encountered. Have fun buddy!

(Submitted by weeper )

oh, my eyes hurt from reading. Talk about addictive and very painful commentary. Ne-wayz this site rocks!!!

(Submitted by Sazzlekins )


(Submitted by epoP )

You should publish your site as a book. If you don't like children publish it as a childrens book.

(Submitted by JN )


(Submitted by kris )

I like to pay with exact change too.

(Submitted by Ishmael )

Call me Ishmael. Some years ago -- never mind how long precisely -- having little or no money in my purse, and nothing particular to interest me on shore, I thought I would sail about a little and see the watery part of the world. It is a way I have of driving off the spleen, and regulating the circulation. WheneverI find myself growing grim about the mouth; whenever it is a damp, drizzly November in my soul; whenever I find myself involuntarily pausing before coffin warehouses, and bringing up the rear of every funeral I meet; and especially whenever my hypos get such an upper hand of me, that it requires a strong moral principle to prevent me from deliberately stepping into the street, and methodically knocking people's hats off -- then, I account it high time to get to sea as soon as I can. This is my substitute for pistol and ball. With a philosophical flourish Cato throws himself upon his sword; I quietly take to the ship. There is nothing surprising in this. If they but knew it, almost all men in their degree, some time or other, cherish very nearly the same feelings towards the ocean with me.

(Submitted by Forensic Analyst )

The funny thing is that this page is actually very useful, The evidence displayed on these receipts must certainly make the managment at walmart a bit uneasy as they open up their books for external investigation against their will. There can be countless mistakes, misadvertised prices, and intentional price changes revealed in thoses reciepts!!.. good work.

(Submitted by kuroneko )

hmm...I thought I put a comment up there somewhere...

(Submitted by ghostfacts webmaster )

OK but WHY

(Submitted by toni )

oh my god - total revelation time... he actually doesnt have a kid! all this baby shit/ maxi pads are actually 4 him... wow im so smart. bow to me. i am your god. mwo hahahaha (thats an evil laugh). maybe he has a fasination with playing familys, but cant manage to hook up with any1, so he plays with himself (in more ways than 1).

(Submitted by kuroneko )

hey, smarty-pants, you posted a comment, too

(Submitted by me )

y wallmart ?

(Submitted by Pete Moss )

I am Christmas shopping 12/23/2001 and searched Walmart for ideas and now I am waisting my time emailing you. Ha Ha Ha. Did you know your child turned 5 this November? Ha Ha Ha. Does he/she watch alot of TV commercials? Ha Ha Ha.

(Submitted by hoge )

Is that a crib as in a house or a crib for a baby?

(Submitted by soupy )

Help! I am lost in cyberspace and the very depths of Hell in all of its banal mediocrity have personified itself in this website. The worm that never dies!!!!!!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! OH HOPE WHERE ART THOU!! DESPAIR HAS ENVELOPED MY SOUL!!!!!!!!

(Submitted by sarah )

thyyrggtrfgdx fhgry fhchjurf fjergj all this shit is beta than ur site i sell empty crisp packets on line i am so much beta than u! haa haa

(Submitted by sarah )

thyyrggtrfgdx fhgry fhchjurf fjergj all this shit is beta than ur site i sell empty crisp packets on line i am so much beta than u! haa haa

(Submitted by Ian )

for all those that think the author is a freak....hey, YOU are the one here and reading all these silly comments! At least the author is doing something, as worthless as you think it is. Actually, this is one of the funniest things I've seen in awhile. Which reminds me....I've got some shopping to go do. Guess where I'm going.....?

(Submitted by john )

i wanted to say how strange this site and the effort it took to make seemed to me at the beginning but i spent 40 minutes here. i am strange no you derek or the site. thanks i think?

(Submitted by natsnot )

Dilworth? that's about as cool as the town I live in, Altoona. Why am I here at this site typing, I think the hypnotic effect I read somewhere here is true, I gotta go before I stay here and am harmed further.

(Submitted by Terje )

Brilliant page! (You control other peoples minds, dont you? -Why else would I read all this???)

(Submitted by carlpoo )

walmart rules

(Submitted by Lesa )

Hmm.. Interesting. I love shopping at Wal-mart. If I had saved all my receipts I believe my husband would KILL ME just from looking at the totals all together!! LOL! Hell, I may have given myself a heart attack!!! They have everything. I have NEVER been in Walmart and not spent over $20.00. Now don't listen to the other a$$holes telling how stupid they think you are, remember they are the ones actually looking. If they don't like it then it seems to me that it takes a STUPID MORON to click the link to even look in the first place forget the fact that they feel the need to waste even more time to comment. DUMB BOZOs ;)

(Submitted by THOR )

You fucking rule!! This website rawks!! Keep up the good work!

(Submitted by Twiggy )

this site fucking rules!

(Submitted by Gus the girl. )

I love wal-mart!!! I bought my favorite hat there!!! I't's a fuzzy zeebra striped cowboy hat, it goes quite well with my duct taped boots. Have a nice day, and don't forget...never squat with spurs on!!!

(Submitted by ALLY )

will you marry me?

(Submitted by ??????? )


(Submitted by Debbie )

You ain't shit when it comes to Wally World shopping. My mother spent $60,000 at WalMart in a 33 month peroid.

(Submitted by ME )

Well Derek, it seems as if your webpage is a smashing success. To bring such emotion from so many people....you know you have done well! Thank you for helping me waste my time wisely--laughing. At the concept of this page and at the ignorance of so many. Congrats and the best of luck for continued success!! :)

(Submitted by Doug )

Dont go any further it can be addicting, and this shit is so crazy lol. Theres one word that describes you, WHACKED!!!

(Submitted by Patrick )

Finally. Someone who knows why they're doing a website!

(Submitted by MJ )

Hey, earthlink picked this as the "Weird Website of the week" - now you know you've made the big time! haha But people, don't you think if you're going to post a message for the world to see that you should learn how to SPELL first? And possibly figure out how to put two words together at a time without having to use profanity? Buy a dictionary, it will expand your vocabulary!

(Submitted by Theskeptic )

Genius. Absolute genius. This may sound stupid, but this just show how important it is to pay attention to the little things. Somebody at Wal-Mart must have made a decision based on some survey data that showed that people HATE reciepts they can't read easily. That lead to a labyrinthine chain of events: clear, readable receipts were made policy by some faceless Wal-Mart executive which led to your website which creates great PR for Wal-Mart which leads to increased sales. It's the little things that make all the difference in the world. You are also planting the idea in the mind of legions of bored web-surfers that saving receipts is a good thing. By how this will reduce the tax revenue of the federal government boggles the mind. Bravo young Derek! You are a great American!

(Submitted by Karen )

Hey! I've also saved all my Wal Mart reciepts too! You never know when you're going to need them. Happy face right back to ya!

(Submitted by Jim Poppleton )

You MUST be God! Finally, our Lord and Savior has returned to Earth! I praise You with my every act and thought, my life is devoted to You and your Holy Name. Is it true that you, Dearest God, have converted to Islam? Your meek and loyal slave, Jimmy

(Submitted by chris )

WOW!!! Fantastic.....did that price include the baby too?

(Submitted by BOB )


(Submitted by sprinkle )

The funniest thing is how many people said negative things about you or your use of time. All you did was something harmless you wanted to do and they sit and gripe about something they chose to do. They want to blame you for whatever reason they decided to read these. I mean it is not like you used false advertising. I don't think you forced anyone to do this, did you? HA People are so funny. Your child will probably think his/her dad is pretty neat for the crib receipt. Well I probably won't be back, but I have some receipts to purchase!HA

(Submitted by MOM )

weirdest web site for sure Hey all you people out there who don't want to admit to shopping at Walmart, I guess you just LIKE to waste your money at the Bon-Ton etc. To all you people who can't speak without profanity I really think you should get a life ... or a brain... or a thesaurus... or maybe get your mom to use a bar of soap on your mouth... or cut your tongue out (in this case cut your fingers off)... Very cute time-waster we should all take time to smell the roses or something. PS Yes I shop at Wal-mart.

(Submitted by Mike )

Rats!!!!! Now I'm late for work. Thanks alot.

(Submitted by MTW )

And they say Mass has high taxes. BTW if nothing else you have raised a lot of awareness of sorts.

(Submitted by President Dubya )

You have inspired me. I shall begin web site to track the nose hairs I cut out each week. May add a supplemental site to track earwax, too. I'm forever frateful to your inspirition, O Master.

(Submitted by Bob Shotts )

As a former Wal-Mart associate, and current shareholder, I am pleased to see so much interest in WMT. Lowest prices ALWAYS.....

(Submitted by Itchy )

I much prefer Target!

(Submitted by fellyrel )

The older I get, the more I think about overpopulation, fossil fuel consumption, greenhouse gases, global warming, over-fishing our oceans, diminishing wildlife, etc. Stay away from places like Walmart. What kind of world are we leaving for our children? It's just like saying, 'I smoke cigarettes and don't worry about things like cancer or dying because we all gotta go someday anyway' Cancer is great!

(Submitted by Can't say )

Congrats Derek, I have laughed and laughed. I live in the land of the corporate headquarters of Wally World. IT IS the twilight zone. I'm old enough to remember when it wasn't. Even worked for Sam at the tender age of 19. I used to save all my receipts, until I was diagnosed with OCD. Now I throw them all away, and I go to Wally World still, but, try to get out in under an hour. Not Possible. It is possible not to go, however. Which some people think I am weird because I avoid it. Anyway, I digress. Great website and did I mention that an earthlink bulletin led me here? Keep up the weird and wonderful life.:)

(Submitted by nowbraindead )

amazing. we are such crazy drones. i would like to say, however, that i find it moving that everyone is reaching out to each other for this global conversation, even in this weird form.

(Submitted by Scoot )

This is the stupidist thing I've seen in a long time

(Submitted by Chris )

this makes me very happy.

(Submitted by MoonStoneCircle )

The wet wild wolf walked through Wal Mart alone...and no one knew.

(Submitted by ed "5th wheel" maddock )

did you park your RV overnight after making the lousy purchase?

(Submitted by ed "5th wheel" maddock )

did you park your RV overnight after making the lousy purchase?

(Submitted by CrashTest )

Did you buy your old toaster at Wal*Mart also?

(Submitted by mark )

I'm sorry, but What's a "walmart"

(Submitted by anonymous psychopathic maniac )

And I thought I had too much time on my hands. I suppose it's good to know that there are others like me. Wait a minute....the thought of others like me is actually quite horrifying....hmmmm....Maybe if all the wierd people got together, we could set off on a quest for a new planet, and call it the Wierd Planet. Strange would be normal. Obnoxious would be acceptable. Peace and happiness would spread like a virus....no, not really. An interesting concept, however. Think about after you sign off this page. Think hard. Then stop thinking before your head explodes. That would be very messy. Not to mention painful.

(Submitted by osama )

Did you know that there aren't any Walmarts in the country of Afganistan?...But there is a target on every corner.

(Submitted by Punklet )

My daughter has a 'boycott walmart' sticker on her car and loves to shop at wally-world too. Her favorite parking space is right next to sam walton's granddaughter's car (they went to the same high school) just for kicks [ouch!]. Those anti-walmart people have a point. But we first encountered wally's in a small town that was also angry about what it had done to their small businesses. But wally's gives good service consistently (our experiences) and those little companies are painfully & pathetically lacking in service, reliability, backing up their claims (if any) and supplies. Walmart came in and filled a sorrowful void in our country. that's one of the things that this country is about--the freedom to succeed in business, if you gots the 'right stuff'! Sam's heirs are living comfortably, to be SURE!! thanx for the space. soapbox closed for repairs.

(Submitted by seeker of deep meaning and purpose )

this is the wackiest wacked out wing dilly of a thing i've seen in a long time. ilaughed. i cried. i stayed up late. i reached a depth of emotion that had hitherto escaped me in this all too transient life. i wasted so much time her that i have been inspired to never repeat such a time-wasting effort ever again in my entire life. i have thus experienced a lif-altering epiphany. as such, i will not be returning to this site ever again. friends, comrades, brothers in arms (for i feel i know each of you as well as i know my brother now)...farewell. i leave you all a far far better man than i came. If we should meet again on a street corner in Paris or a cafe in Katmandu, we will certainly relive our experience here in all its glory over a few beers. Until that fateful day...

(Submitted by Ebineezer )

Of all the gin joints in the world, I had to walk into yours. This page was recommended by my service provider. I tapped your page for a look see, hoping to find material for my disertation. I must say that, "I would fallow you any where, but only out of morbid curisosity." Such massive Impulse buying the likes of which I've never imagined…Keep up the good work, it is a just and noble cause!

(Submitted by osama yo' mama )

what's worse? posting wal- mart reciepts on the net. . . or posting comments about wal mart reciepts on the net? i'll tell you - it's reading comments that were posted about reciepts that were posted.

(Submitted by Jock Clue Zho )

C'est magnifique! La vie , la vie, beaucoup de parapluies!

(Submitted by MC Ice Cold Beeer )

You would not believe how funny this comment is in the original Urdu.

(Submitted by JK )

All your receipts are belong to us!

(Submitted by JK )


(Submitted by Madar Chod )

Hey there, You are one big chutiya - jahanum mein sadoge! Maadarchod!

(Submitted by GOOFY-GIRL )


(Submitted by clay )

POST IT AND THEY WILL COME!!! I love how upset some people get over nothing. I save reciepts because you need them for refunds.

(Submitted by digger )

service provider pointed you out, they need to spend more time making sure my service works than looking for this kind of stuff, but on the other hand, wal mart is out to kill all small business they will sell items at less than their cost just to beat the little guy out of a sale, then laugh all the way to the bank when he has to close down, and for a crib, do you know that you could have got one at a second hand store and refinished it as a personal project for your child, or maybe even better next time just build one they are not that hard, stay away from wal mart they will poison you for life!!!!!!!!!!!

(Submitted by Jane )

You have WAY too much free time!

(Submitted by Confused but Intrigued )

uh... er... huh?... hmmm...

(Submitted by Wenceslao Vargas Márquez )

Nice idea. Visit mi colections at www.wenceslao.com.mx

(Submitted by SHAGGY )

well ok if thats what you like then have at it

(Submitted by Jim )

You really ought to read "Nickeled and Dimed". You probably wouldn't shop at Walmart anymore. I think I'm going to start saving my home improvement reciepts just so I can aspire to have a web site like yours in 5 years.

(Submitted by Tegan )

hmmmmm i never thought i would waste this much time on the net on one page i do have to admit its interesting to see how many people come up with stupid comments lol... congrats on the site *wonders if he still gets on to read all the comments,,,,*

(Submitted by Evan )

I live in nyc. There are no Wal-Marts here. At least I don't THINK there are any Wal-Marts here. After experiencing this site I now know that my worst fears are true: Wal-Mart-less, my life is truly bereft. There is a great, gaping ache where my heart should be. I'm now going to sit in the corner and rock myself quietly to sleep while sucking my thumb and singing nonsense songs.

(Submitted by rusty )

Up above digger said that walmart cuts prices to below the amount they buy them at to drive small businesses in the area out of business. I hate walmart and I like to vandalize my local one, but in order to inspire hate you can't go aroung making stuff up. All the walmart stores use a central pricing system, they don't have one store lower thier prices to kill a family business, and they certainly would never lose money selling a product. They ARE ruthless and somewhat evil, and enjoy ruining family stores like the one that was in my family for SIX generations. They have bad business practice and make good money, those assholes...

(Submitted by Toad_the_Paladin )

Hmmm.... yup, your site definately wins my award for amusing silliness. I'm not sure why this is so hillarious.... but sadly, it is. Keep working at making strange web-sites.

(Submitted by kati )

ok this is really funny. not only that you have enough time to scan these on her, but also that all these people-myself included- have enough time and feel the need to comment

(Submitted by trailer park trash )

hey, are you my dad?

(Submitted by emma )

heehee, it's after midnight and i'm supposed to be doin homework but like all the rest of people looking at your sight i'm pretty damn bored and was searchin the web. anyone who criticises you in a post is pretty lame themselves because they chose to read and view your sight and could have skipped out when they came in so obviously this is a good sight since you attract so many visitors and controversy.

(Submitted by bailey )

you know this is funny. just the other day i scanned and sent my wal*mart reciept as a joke to my girlfriend and thought wow it scanned really clear

(Submitted by captain jackass )

Better safe than sorry, Anthrax's Scott Ian told the Washington Post that he is stocking up on Cipro, an antibiotic used to treat Anthrax. Quoth Ian: "I will not die an ironic death."

(Submitted by Rockhead )

Excellent site. What a collection of personalities in the comments. The scary thing is some of them are out there walking around. Love the comments.

(Submitted by miles baker )

What are you getting from Walmart for doing this dumbass bullshit? Whatever it is, pass it to us who don't have all that time on our hands because we have a real job and aren't a sorry lowlife like you!!!

(Submitted by anya )

I cant belive I'm wasteing time reading this!! get a job!

(Submitted by anya )

I cant belive I'm wasteing time reading this!! get a job!

(Submitted by jody )

just thought i was the only one who saved them stuid reciects

(Submitted by kay4ever22 )

finaly a place where i now know there is someone more crazy out there then i am.

(Submitted by tommygirl )

This site is idiotic, but it seems to work as therapy for most of us commenting here. Since we're on the subject, if you notice only the men commenters felt the crib price was too high. Obviously, they don't shop for cribs very often. The 100 bucks was well spent, I think. Also, what kind of no- life, low-life, sad and abnormal people actually read ALL your comments? I only read about two/thirds of them. I DO have things to do, you know? Weirdo! I don't like WalMart, but I still go there and I didn't like your website, but I still went THERE. I hope I can learn to deal with this problem.

(Submitted by Cathy )

Dated 1-20-02. It was yesterday when I started reading the comments. Love the site. Gonna turn this in to my business prof for extra credit.

(Submitted by grover )

Finally, A web site that truley captures everyones full attention. My life is now complete. This is the single greatest web site I have ever seen. Now I can resume my quest. Step one: collect underpants.

(Submitted by homeboy )

Like totally cool wesbite dude.

(Submitted by fonzo )

Wow. This site is wiggy cool, man. One thing, don't you know that Wal-Mart is the Devil? (I sit here drinking a Wal-Mart coke as I write this)

(Submitted by dj )

Nice Site! Hey everybody!! Watch Sheena on TV. Best show ever. Better than Xena and Hercules!

(Submitted by georgie o )

It's a mystery, isn't it?! Thanks for the laughs.

(Submitted by NonaMouse1 )

"That's an awful lot to pay for a crib." Beau - is that you?

(Submitted by pepper )

All the people who say $89 or whatever was a lot to pay for a crib... they obviously don't have children. That was a good deal.. and I believe Walmart has decent quality stuff.. Hubby and I are addicted.. and go at least once a week and usually can't stay under $80..... Long live Walmart and people with creativity... kudos..

(Submitted by arlo )

Too bad some people are so hostile about something this harmless. Hope they get AIDS. Nice work dude, keep it up.

(Submitted by YAKNOW )


(Submitted by you )

this site is a stoopid joke. do you think that you are going to get popular by posting your stoopid recepits? You are the biggest loser in the worl FAG!

(Submitted by kim )

I would expect this from a Texan, not a Midwesterner. I'm actually quite embarrassed for you. I hope you find a hobby soon.

(Submitted by emma )

I can't believe I read the whole thing. To think of the receipts I've wasted using them as book marks.

(Submitted by Valerie )

I enjoy Wal-mart too. I go there 3 times a week sometimes...I have a 1 year old baby now, Wal-mart has everything for him...NOW GO AHEAD PEOPLE, rip me apart too! Doesn't change the fact that you're all lame too!!!!

(Submitted by The one and only )

I also work at Walmart ans shop there everyday. I have all my receipts for everything i've ever bought there, and that turns out to be more then what I make working there. I'm going to use mine as wallpaper. Do something unique with yours. (p.s. I'm serving my D day, so I just wanted to read what other people thought of Walmart before I decide if I want to stay or not)

(Submitted by mike )

What is Wal*Mart? (I don't know).

(Submitted by mike )

What is Wal*Mart? (I don't know).

(Submitted by mike )

What is Wal*Mart? (I don't know).

(Submitted by Statik )

Your an odd person

(Submitted by stephanie )

FIRST OF ALL,.....1) Theres not a damn thing wrong with wal-mart,..i dont care if a indonesian rainforest fell, or 2 armless kids over in China, hand made my fucking rug for me. The place is cheap. and so am I. Thats all that matters. 2) BUT, after reading the comment list, i am now truly fucking scared, of the people that pass me in the isles, from now on, my children will definetly be buckled up in those damn carts, and not chasing store employees with them.

(Submitted by Bella )

Thanks for an entertaining Saturday afternoon. Where are the rest of the receipts?

(Submitted by Jessîca )

ok all i have to say is what a total waste of a few hours but hell i have no life either soooooo it was like watching a train wreck you don't really wanna look but you do anyways!!!! lol

(Submitted by Kinkywan )

Ty ......Ty Yessica........ Truely an awe inspiring site... Words of God... :)

(Submitted by Tony )

You are a complete idiot!!! Get a life you Walmart dork. Is Sam Walton your dad? No life. Get one.

(Submitted by Lauren )

Thank you sooooo much for this blessing!!

(Submitted by Pedro Preyre )

are you an idiot or what?!?!

(Submitted by Hope )

man, i thought i had seen it all! just when my day has gone to shit, i come across a crazy messed upi web site like yours. i used to work at wal-mart so i know whats its like to keep all your receipts. yours may come in handy one day. keep on collecting!

(Submitted by A Walmart Person )

AMEN to the Associate of the Year who said DON"T LEAVE YOUR CHILDREN IN TOY DEPARTMENT! And hey, I am one service desk person thankful ONE person in this world keeps his receipts!

(Submitted by G. Banks )

I can´t believe I have time to review this...

(Submitted by johanna )

Hallå!!! Hur är läget? nån som gillar anastacia!

(Submitted by billy )

i like chicken

(Submitted by Ron )

HEY! I need to return the prom dress that I bought for my gerbil. I can't find my WalMart reciept. Did I leave it on your site?? Get back to me right away. Without that reciept, I'm going to get some cheap sale price for a refund.

(Submitted by Christine )

I Just wanted to say that there are alot of comments for there only being one item on the list, a fucking crib

(Submitted by Valerie )

I bookmarked this site I think it's so hilarious! I can't believe there is so many new comments since I was here last week....the wonders of the internet...

(Submitted by Cori )

I think your site is interesting. I wish more people would save their receipts. I work at the service desk in my local Wal- Mart and you wouldn't believe the amount of people that get pissed off at me because they lost their own receipt.

(Submitted by Slaz )


(Submitted by suck my dick )

suck dezzz

(Submitted by Burke )

I just wanted to get to bottom of this page so I could make a fucking comment. I didn't read all the way down...to fuckin much to read over a stupid ass receipt!

(Submitted by mom here... )

Parents need pay backs... I sent this to my kids! : )

(Submitted by heat )

hey Ma, love you, thanks so much! :)

(Submitted by mom here... )

you're welcome honey, hmmm wonder if there was a bit of sarcasm there? hope so! evil grin!

(Submitted by Joshua )

there is no way i'm reading all that. - just wanted to have my 10c wrth -- ooo just noticed someone else said the same thing.

(Submitted by Jim Boner )

You are really gay!!!!!!!! Get a life!!!!!!!!

(Submitted by katnap )

So do you do like my ex husband did? Save all-(and I do mean ALL) the receipts, and even make homemade ones out of little scraps of paper for things like toll booths that you don't get a receipt for? He would then separate each persons things, (he wasn't paying for my tampons! Or photo processing for pictures that HE didn't take!) and then calculate who owed who how much! Do you do that too? I hope not! I really like your site...just don't get overzealous in the receipt-tracking of purchases at the "expense" of your personal relationships.

(Submitted by katnap )

Forgot to mention...my X kept all his receipts in shoe boxes.

(Submitted by Anna )

Wow. I can't believe this many people had comments for a Wal-Mart reciept. Anyway, neat idea for a web page. Some people are taking it way too seriously though. :)

(Submitted by rama krishnan )

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(Submitted by JILL )

I just wanted to be part of this! Very interestingly fun!!!

(Submitted by Patrick )

Is this the only receipt? I didn't bother to look aroundt he rest of the site because I'm kind of at school right now. I just thought that I was bored so I'd go to Bob Online's Grovvy Napkin Award. I found this and to tell you the truth, I think it's funny. I laugh at the stupidest things. I laughed at this and I got detention. I now know that detention is worth a laugh or two.

(Submitted by wow )

From a business stand point, this site is amazing. No wonder Wal-Mart is #one over exxon. This site gets more attention than disney world, and a lot more comments. And I actually read them! Who wouldn't want to know what people think about the number one giant? It comes down to, whether or not a select few hate wal-mart, they still shop there...make comments all you want, your just jealous your not in on it

(Submitted by kat )

I just waned to say to all the people who think that this guy needs to get a life for making this site, you are reading it, What should you get?

(Submitted by Mark )

Nice page O receipts. It is my lifelong goal to work for Wal Mart. I want to be part of the dynamic team. I would give anything to work with that dynamic dot. Hes so cool he just keeps rolling them on down!The funny thing is... whenever I am in Walmart I never see Dottie. Whats up with that?

(Submitted by NDG )

you motherfucks. i once witnessed gay anal sex in the check out line of a Walmart. No, seriously the guy was ramming the other guy in the ass. In the goat ass even...

(Submitted by kelly )

i want to have your baby.

(Submitted by Sophie )

Cool man! And for all those people that sid horrible stuff then why? Coz like if you think it's that bad you wouldn't have posted a message in the first place! But keep on going dude! .:Sophie:.

(Submitted by Simon Harvey )

I have never ever seen anything like this in my life!!! Fantastic and what a way to wile away the time especially when you work in the wacky world of Insurance in the UK.

(Submitted by Gia )

I'm at work bored as hell. So you can understand how I ended up here. Maybe if you worked a little more you could get a crib for more than$ 88.oo, cheap ass ha ha ha I'm just joking, Cool page. You gotta do something with your life eh?

(Submitted by Kim )

Hey, I used to live near Dilworth. *chuckle*

(Submitted by hunnybunny )

I am ashamed of all the mean and hateful people who have nothing better to do than leave the hate comments. What ever happened to live and let live? Who are all these people to judge?

(Submitted by ashley )

you are so incredibly fucked up i cant belive it!

(Submitted by Herb )

HI, my name is Herbie the luv bug and i Luv ur site!

(Submitted by jose mama )

why the fuck would anyone shop at Wal-Mart? Fucking fag! Cheap-ass son of a bitch!

(Submitted by Tyrone )

Das cool man. Like, I paid over $80,000 for my crib. And, like, I can't wait to split the gig, hop in my bad load and get to the crib too man. Like, I never knew wally sold cribs. Shit man. I is gettin a crib fo all my hoes.

(Submitted by Anthony )

I'm 22 and I still sleep in a crib. I kept rolling out of my bed. My mom makes me sleep in a crib. She's a bitch. Sometimes I pee my PJ's too. Did I mention I am 22?

(Submitted by Julia )

Gosh! Most of the folks slammed you pretty good! It's a shame that there is such a waste of talent in the world to have to put someone down just for doing something different. Wasted talent and empty lives -- it would be a shame if everyone were the exact same way! Heck, I like me just the way I am - and I'm sure that the person saving his reciepts likes himself too. Oh well, they threw rocks and Jesus and prosecuted him for NO reason, why should this guy be any different. Good luck w/ saving your reciepts!

(Submitted by Fellow Minnesotan )

Had to be a Minnesotan...yaaah... Oh Well you made me laugh... Thanks...

(Submitted by Jimmy Hardcore )

At least the site's original. Try and get Wal- Mart to link to you from their site...

(Submitted by Johanes Manney )

April 08,2002... Hey Buddy, you're simply a GENIUS. I think you can start selling add spaces in this WEB site. I´ve spent almost an hour reading all these comments and think you can make a good money... GO GET IT!!!

(Submitted by Lorrie )

Were you thinking of making exchanges for things you purchased? I'm the person that NEVER has her receipt. Good job fella.

(Submitted by A Ninja )


(Submitted by Poogie )


(Submitted by Matt )

Derek you have inspired me. I'm speechless. You have given me a new hope and outlook for the future of the internet. Thank you Derek, thank you very much. :)

(Submitted by Bo )

How cozy was it? Must be fine for someone who acts like a three year old with a computer.

(Submitted by Princess Venus 69 )

Derek--This is GREAT!!!! Disregard all of the rude comments from those who are obviously ignorant and have nothing better to do than to put down someone with a genius mind such as your own. (stop hatin') Keep on posting those receipts!! I love it :)

(Submitted by Gekima )

What I can't believe is that people who don't like this site, still send you comments. I love wal-mart, but I've been banned from the place.

(Submitted by Theresa )

I was checking out Wal-Mart's cameras when I came upon your web-page. You are so funny!! I have been laughing for so long and I need to go to bed and get some sleep but I just keep reading. I vote to get you on the Letterman show. Dave would have a blast with you. I love people with a good sense of humor. How you thought of this is beyond me but I'm glad you did. I wish more people would just laugh at your site and go on. It's funny and we need more people like you in the world. Keep on posting, Derek!

(Submitted by Ciara )

Wat the hell wud u need a crib for, id hate 2 think of a psyco like u wif a baby! p.s any1 wana know me my page is www.uboot.com/u/whosthisgirl check it out its better than this dump!

(Submitted by MM )

Thanks for the laugh... I can't remember when I laughed this hard!!! If nothing else you are responsible for making someone's day.. feel good about it, it takes a special person to do that.. all the best mm

(Submitted by Bonnie )

Hey - the way I figure it....everybody needs a hobby.

(Submitted by Jackie )

Derek love your site. Please continue to shop at Walmart as I own their stock and want to retire in style. To all the rest of you slackers quit shoplifting stuff from Walmart.

(Submitted by Kim )

Ow. I've strained my ribs laughing at this (and yes, I read *all* the comments). I love it, love it, love it!

(Submitted by lydia )

hey thats pretty cool! :) how often do you shop at wal- mart??? - lydia