8 November 1997

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(Submitted by uwiz)

this receipt looked lonely, so i thought i would leave it a message.

(Submitted by Wahooni)

Has anyone else noticed how fast they go through the Palmolive? What do you people do? Bathe in it? You must squirt half the bottle in to do your dishes.

(Submitted by hdj jewboy)

i think they used the items on this list to make some sort of explosives!!!

(Submitted by Beth)

Where's the Dri Bottoms???

(Submitted by slider)

Palmolive makes great bubble bath... doesn't leave a soap ring... hypoallergenic.

(Submitted by Polack)

If the Ultra Palmolive is only $2.86, how much is the Regular Palmolive? Or the Slightly Irregular Palmolive? I'll bet you could use Ultra Palmolive to clean one dish and Slightly Irregular Palmolive to clean the second dish and you wouldn't even be able to tell the difference.

(Submitted by Megan)

Are LITE bulbs less filling than light bulbs?

(Submitted by Max)

Damn watermark won't come out of my moniter aargh!!

(Submitted by klayer9)

I got the "Clay Planter" action figure too. It comes with a shovel, a pick axe, a garden rake and has the amazing planting action hands.

(Submitted by Jurgen Clug)

The lite bulbs go well with the palmolive smeared all over them and.........oh no, momma's calling....................... .....

(Submitted by Lance)

Evidently the cat's back. Next time you'll probably need to drive 20 miles instead of just 10 before throwing it out the car window.

(Submitted by jim)

Give people the most powerful tool the world has ever seen, and this is what they do with it.

(Submitted by Lisa)

I think they're cooking cats with the lightbulbs, and using palmolive to gut and clean them. Yum.

(Submitted by nic)

what's a grow under cb?

(Submitted by Trevor)

I'm guessing that the 'Growundercb' is some type of grow light, and the bulbs are spares. We've never seen the bulbs before, and this new, interesting item might be the reason they are showing up now. Maybe there will be more clues in the future.

(Submitted by Bob)

What really intrigues me is how the umber of negative comments kinda disappated after the first 6 months or so......

(Submitted by The Seer)

They couldn't handle it. Nay sayers cannot handle the mighty power and simple beauty of the WalMart reciept. Remember, A L W A Y S...

(Submitted by StarJacked)

Oh, we are here, Bob...we're definitely here. And this place scares us to death. Really, it does. On another note, I think he made a good choice on going Ultra on the Palmolive. The difference shows in the after-drying shine. You just can't get a sparkle like that with regular Palmolive. You can try--I dare you to--but you won't. You can't. Because the regular stuff ain't got the special secret ingredient. You wanna know what that ingredient is? I bet you do. I'll tell you if you promise not to tell anybody else. It's Ultra. Yup. If Palmolive knew I let that out they'd probably have me "rinsed" as they like to call it in their inter-office memos. They "rinse" people alot in the dish cleaning industry. In fact, it's one of the dirtier businesses to be involved in which is rather ironic if you think about it.

(Submitted by macboysf)

WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!!! Don't you see what he is doing! He has purchased a flying saucer and is stealing precious resources from our planet. He will not stop until he has taken all the DRI Bottoms and Soil from Earth! Someone has to stop him... before he moves on to squeezie cheese and paper clips!

(Submitted by Insane 1)

I never knew there were such things as Lite Bulbs. Jus think all these years of eating the high cholesterol Light Bulbs and I coulda Been eating the Liter ones. Damn!!!

(Submitted by Julie)


(Submitted by JULIE)


(Submitted by Channon )

Man,I'll never be in like the top 5 to sign a reciept at this rate!

(Submitted by i worship derek, savior of all... )

MacBoysf>> ooh, yes, please stop him. Without paperclips what would i dump on the floor and walk on, back and forth, back and forth...blessed cool metal on my feet... StarJacked>> You're right, the Ultra kind has that extra little oomph that gets everything clean. If there was an ultraman he'd kick supermans ass. Timmy!

(Submitted by CAsey )

Vote Natural Law Party.(canada)

(Submitted by Geoff )

I stand corrected, it seems you still have a few parties to mention.

(Submitted by Casey )

told ya...

(Submitted by beerknurd )

Where's the ever present dri bottoms?? I kinda miss the comments on this one. This site must be ran by the dri- bottoms corp. They decided to leave it out on this one. I guesss their trying not to be too suspicious. But i'm on to you guys. They make us think there's a real guy named Derek, buying meaningless items at Wal Mart and posting them on the internet for his amusement. But the truth behind it all has to be the stock for dri bottoms has decreased and this is a last attempt to raise their ass out of bankrupcy and bring them back to a fortune 500 company. I think it's a pathetic way to run a buisness, but damn it's entertaining. I can't stop clicking next.

(Submitted by NYCFASHIONGIRL )


(Submitted by qwerty asdf )

you have a next!?! maybe i'm on an old format or something. hmmmm

(Submitted by Quackers )


(Submitted by katnap )

What kind of cat food was it? I'm guessing it might be a generic or Walmart brand, since it doesn't have the brand name in the description.