12 November 1997

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Visitor Comments:

(Submitted by Kerry)

More Dri-Bottoms for you sir?

(Submitted by StealthDonut)

You're putting the Dri-Bottoms Corp.'s kids through school singlehandedly

(Submitted by hdj jewboy)

look where the reciept printer screwed up. it looks like it says "FOURTEEN ANAL HARD" but it's all messed up. hmmmmm.....

(Submitted by Satori7)

No! That's a secret code. Your beloved store #1627 is a front for a Russian spy ring!

(Submitted by Robo-man)

I've made that 9pm run for dri-bottoms before. I know the guilt the wife can lay on you, especially if you have and hopes of getting any that night.

(Submitted by sputnik)

it obviously says "FOURTEEN ANAL MARGO". What it means, though, will forever remain a mystery...

(Submitted by Max)

It says anal-mart. I think to Derek it will always be anal mart, because it's where he buys all his anal products. Dri bottoms and wipes. Can the home enema kit be far behind?

(Submitted by Pokeman)

Dearest Max, I forgive you your past indiscretions, please come ba

(Submitted by lexic0n)

look at that shoddy printer quality! this is the kind of laxity and incompetence we've come to expect from store 1627.

(Submitted by Trevor)

I once saw an old guy buying Metamucil, Prune Juice, an Enema and Vaseline all at one time. You would think he would have thrown in like...a hat, or something else to throw them off of his trail.

(Submitted by Cableman)

Maybe he is having an affair with one of the Wal-Mart clerks ..... that has a fetish about men in Dri- bottoms.

(Submitted by Dan)

On November 12, 1997 You bought daipers and wipes. That is the day my son was born

(Submitted by I like your cable)

Cableman, perhaps you have stumbled upon the truth regarding Matt Krieg

(Submitted by Matthew)

YEah!! I still have a few years to go 'till i reach the end!! I'm really getting into this...lol

(Submitted by Insane 1)

I think that he tried to hide the Fourteen Anal thing himself. He didn't realize he would given his secret lifestyle away untill the last minute and did a half assed job in trying to cover it up.

(Submitted by pandora)

hey trevor, the old man with his metamucil, enemas and prune juice...wearing a hat! i got a great visual!

(Submitted by jazebo)

mmmnn.... fourteen anal...

(Submitted by Andre )

I think it says fourteen anal warts. I guess they really do sell for less always! I had to pay big time for my anal warts......................... .....

(Submitted by i worship derek, savior of all... )

hey, i don't really know how to say this politely so here goes...Get the fuck over Matt Krieg! I'ts cool how on these later reciepts you see comments by alot of th same people, i think the losers and non-crackfiends have been weeded out leaving only the funniest and most imaginative people. BUT I'M STILL PISSED OFF ABOUT THE LACK OF MESSAGES THAT DEREK HAS BEEN INSERTING INTO MY BRAIN. please, please, please stop ignoring me, DerGodek, working toward the greater good of everyone int Your name, Timmy!

(Submitted by Casey )

Vote Marxists. (canada)

(Submitted by Casey )

dammit, pretend to be me....

(Submitted by Geoff )

Why would anyone even want to pretend to be Casey?

(Submitted by NYCFASHIONGIRL )


(Submitted by Jamie )

I'm determined to follow the receipts into the year 1998!

(Submitted by walmartian )

The doofus cashier accidentally hit the auto- check printing feature and the only way to fix it was to stick the receipt in to pretend it was the check. you can see "fourteen and 26" and "wal-mart" where the printer wrote on the receipt instead of the check.

(Submitted by Caffine addicted cashier )

Hey, Im no doofus!!

(Submitted by coopercityguy )

Oh, he uses a check and doesn't even fill it out, isn't nice of wal-mart to do that, but with the amount of dri-bottoms he buys there shouldn't they?

(Submitted by Quackers )

Fourteen anal margo on the wall...fourteen anal margo...take one down, pass it around, thirteen anal margo on the wall...

(Submitted by Bob )

I Can't belive i have followed this this far hi all

(Submitted by David )

I think I'll buy some stock in this dri-Bottoms Co. Do you happen to know there ticker name?

(Submitted by Gern Blandston )

the manager of the Walmart's electronics section at the Walmart in Kitty Hawk, N.C. is a dick.

(Submitted by Nora (australia) )

I am going to have nightmares about dri bottoms..... if i see dri bottoms again i am going to scream!!!!!! i'm going broke just reading these stupid things!