1 November 1997

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Visitor Comments:

(Submitted by rebecca)

hand hold what???

(Submitted by zelda)

So sorry you needed the loperamide. At least you had some wipes if things really got messy.

(Submitted by hdj jewboy)

this one is pretty exiting... ROLAIDS, BLK MID ZIP (Black Middle Zipper?) and even a WM FAC UPR X (Women's Face Upper Xtra!) yay!

(Submitted by bolonium)

one can never have enough... AUTO DISH TA

(Submitted by Pixel)

And we mark this day, this November FIrst Nineteen Hundred and Ninety Seven as the day Walmart joined the internet revolution....

(Submitted by bored)

Pixel: check a few receipts ago, there was the www.wal-mart.com thing on there as well

(Submitted by Zoctan)

wow, I've never seen 00258705489 that expensive before!

(Submitted by pussycleaner)

I'm suprosed ya'll don't buy douche bags..you know, the things you use to clean your pussy..

(Submitted by Scumbag)

My God, will this not cease? How much longer? But I must go on, I must reach the end.

(Submitted by Max)

Tax 1? You mean there might be more of them!?

(Submitted by Pussyfoot)

Hey pussycleaner, maybe you and me could get together and make beautiful douche bags togeth

(Submitted by pussycleaner)

I don't know maybe are you a girl or a boy? If you are a girl then can i clean your pussy?

(Submitted by lexic0n)

zoctan, thats because it's "000258705489", not "00258705489".

(Submitted by Trevor)

Are those blank video tapes, to film your kid? Or, are they the movies that Wal-Mart sells..the cheapest they ever get here is $6.97.

(Submitted by Cableman)

Well MORE Dri-bottoms..... see you have not started to potty train the little one yet.

(Submitted by Pussyfoot)

He's using the video tapes to film the chore boy doing ridiculous things with duct tape and dri-bottoms, so he can then sell it to America's Wackiest Home Videos, make a killing, and then pay for his addiction to Scott's soil. Pussycleaner, what difference does it make, Derek's not feeding the frickn pussy anyway, it's just about mummified by now, he should start buying pipe cleaners.

(Submitted by Julie)

did you try to fool them with the LOPERAMIDE? hmmmmmmmm

(Submitted by superjoejr )

I think he put's the dry bottoms on the cat.

(Submitted by moink )

What's loperamide?

(Submitted by ashTrey )

screw this! i'm going to wal-mart.com! need to see what the hell loperamide is.

(Submitted by i worship derek, savior of all... )

Did you know that the word COITUS by definition means "Sexual intercourse"? I wasn't aware of this. I also was unaware that NARCISSISM means "One who is stimulated by one's own body" I like to watch movies where the lead actress is a NARCISSIST. I thought i write that because there was exactly ZERO comments on this page that were interesting. Timmy!

(Submitted by Crystal Skarmy )

what kinda video would this be?

(Submitted by CAsey )

WM FAC UPR X... sweet...

(Submitted by Geoff )

I have five of those already.

(Submitted by Kim )

Loperamide is generic Immodium AD.

(Submitted by merlin )

It must have cost Wal Mart more than sixty-eight cent's worth of ink to print the WM FAC UPR X information on the receipt.

(Submitted by beerknurd )

This guy is obviously lonely. Who else would pay $2.46 for a hand hold? Poor guy....

(Submitted by NYCFASHIONGIRL )


(Submitted by tara )

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(Submitted by not once, three times )

back back back

(Submitted by Quackers )

20 bucks says the previous two comments were submitted by the same person. quack quack

(Submitted by setanor )

loperamide AND rolaids? did you eat the dri-bottoms again?