19 October 1997

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Visitor Comments:

(Submitted by nick)

baked not fried! healthy snack choice, my friend.

(Submitted by Andy)

Is that the wheat thins or the cat food?

(Submitted by Stealthdonut)

I don't know what you're trying to grow, but I'm guessing it's not working out so well, eh?

(Submitted by Laurie )

Nick, if you will notice he bought a SAC BTR TOF. Which could be a goverment agency, but I think it's a Sack of Butter Toffee. Which cancels the baked not fried snack.

(Submitted by hdj jewboy)

i think SAC BTR TOF might actually be Sack of Bitter Tofu...another healthy choice...

(Submitted by ronk)

He's growing pot. And once he's done repotting, he'll probably have the munchies. You know, that cat food makes a fairly decent paté substitute on those wheat thins.

(Submitted by jayman)

maybe the dri wipes are for the chore boy

(Submitted by Carrie)

you should really feed the cat more often

(Submitted by Polack)

I think that SAC BTR TOF could be an anagram of a haiku: Soft And Crunchy Buttery Taste Reminds Twiste Of Flavors

(Submitted by bored)

SAC stands for the Sam's American Choice brand... he's buying generic! For shame (haha)

(Submitted by joeyjet)

Do you eat the cat food on the wheat thins? Then use the wipes for your puke? Then Top it off with a tylenol?

(Submitted by rawdog)

Dri-bottoms will NOT grow if you plant them...

(Submitted by Bill Clanton)

Hey man, so that's what I've been doing wrong. Dude, pass the sac btr tof, OK? Sick, dude.

(Submitted by Pokeman)

hey, I've finally worked it out, the choreboy's name is Scott, they've misspelled the brand on the receipt (should be "Scotts Oil"), so he's really buying the choreboy some personal lubricant. Hence the need for dri bottoms and maxi shields.

(Submitted by Lance)

You must have a sink hole in your back yard (e.g. the Scotts Soil). Why don't you just buy a truck-load of dirt. At this rate, that hole in your back yard is going to be worth more than your house.

(Submitted by Lisa)

Roflmao! you guys are making my laugh my head off.. and I still say that it's a crime scene =) they're burying babies.. but putting diapers on them first, and feeding them catfood :P

(Submitted by your mama)

My son does not have a wife or babies. I think he uses the maxi pads for himself and the scotts soil is to cover up the dead cat and the chore boy in the big hole in the back yard

(Submitted by ME)

*gasps* could it be sams american choice butter toffee?? just a thought.......

(Submitted by Trevor)

Those Sam's butter toffee and caramel popcorn things in the box are awesome. Much better than Fiddle Faddle, or Cracker Jacks (yuck!)

(Submitted by The Sinnovator)

The Sam's Choice Chocolate Chip Cookies RULE!

(Submitted by Lourdes)

My mum endorses the fiddle faddle.

(Submitted by Kat)

So, Wheat Thins are better than Air Crisps then?

(Submitted by Bob)

hmmm....no comments about the Tylenol....very weird

(Submitted by steve)

Me thinks the lady doth hold the tylenol betwixt her knees to avoid the future purchase of dri-bottoms and wipes!

(Submitted by dack)

you are the most useless human being on earth but you give good head

(Submitted by Julie)


(Submitted by Coventry )


(Submitted by moink )

Ya, it is weird about the tylenol. Obviously the kid is getting old enough to be getting a headache. Or maybe Derek's finally ready to get some but the wife uses the old overused excuse...

(Submitted by i worship derek, savior of all... )

Is it not important that this is only the second time he's bought a food item here? Does nobody care? In the event that nobody cares, here's some info on Thrash-Good, old-fashioned thrash. Technical guitar work, rapid riffs, and quite often lots of note work intermixed with the chords. Fast drums keep the paces going. Examples of thrash metal bands-- •Annihilator •Anthrax •Death Angel •Destiny's End •Fear Factory •Flotsam and Jetsam •Forbidden •Grip Inc. •Iced Earth •Immortal Dominion •In Flames •Megadeth •Metallica •Overkill •Testament •Violence. Some of this is wrong, though. Timmy!

(Submitted by Misha )

OOOh Pate

(Submitted by Casey )

Vote Marijuana party. (canada)

(Submitted by Geoff )

That guy said Riffs. Any relation to Riff Raff?

(Submitted by Casey )

Geoff is a knob.

(Submitted by metheemily )

I never considered receipts hilarious before. But you can be sure that the chore boy is putting that dirt out, Derek needs to go to Walmart again. And the cat food is being planted by the baby because she misses her daddy and hopes that if she can grow the cat food he won't have to spend so much time away from home buying it. chieeto

(Submitted by NYCFASHIONGIRL )


(Submitted by Solid Snake )

Ahh, yes. Finally buying Air Crisps. Wait, Weat Thins? They're good too. BUT BUY AIR CRISPS.

(Submitted by kinky )

more diapers, cat food, wipes and Scott's soil?

(Submitted by Anna )

Did you use the wipes on yourself?

(Submitted by i worship derek, savior of all )

Wheat is the product of an overactive imagination. Therefore wheat thins are not realy something one should eat. Am i right or what? Derek! Derek! Derek! Timmy!

(Submitted by kristie )

Is there real dirt where you live?

(Submitted by kris )

Wheat thins and cat food... YUM!

(Submitted by me who? )

MY 18th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Submitted by Marlene )

if you go down the laundry detergent aisle and look at the label for sam's choice laundry powder it says: SAC POWDER. tee hee!

(Submitted by Usagi )

You know, by October I usually give up on my garden. Maybe you should too. Save yourself some $$$.

(Submitted by Quackers )

I enjoy sac powder on my french toast.

(Submitted by Berny )

Ok u can all say its sams toffe, but the robots who make it all know what is really is.....

(Submitted by Nark )

What is this?<br> hahahaha

(Submitted by Ben )

I find it interesting that this is the first time CAT FOOD appears on the list, I’ve seen cat litter before, but not the food…I can only assume that cat food is normally bought somewhere else and that this was an emergency cat food purchase.

(Submitted by Clara )

No, actually Derek bought cat food on Aug. 14th! There goes your theory.