5 December 1997

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Visitor Comments:

(Submitted by Claire)

So you get your kids Epsom Salt for Christmas??

(Submitted by Michelle)

What's with the eyepatch?Got a bad eye

(Submitted by talvin)

dinosaur ass? this is fascinating, thanks.

(Submitted by Brian)

Boy, you're really going all out: Merry Christmas sweetie, I got you an instant cap and some silly putty. Guess Cartier was closed.

(Submitted by rebecca)

wow~you're cheap!

(Submitted by uwiz)

hey, a slinky is a marvelous thing! it goes down stairs, alone or in pairs! it rolls over the neighbor's dog!

(Submitted by Laurie )

I'm afraid the epsom salts are related to the eye patch or the Dinosour ass/

(Submitted by hdj jewboy)

that dino is one cheap piece of ass!

(Submitted by grandma)

alot of $ on wrap & tags compared to presents

(Submitted by atevik)

Sounds like Derek befriended a pirate down on his luck. ARGH YE MATEYS!

(Submitted by ted)

Yeah, but at least the dri- bottoms are back!

(Submitted by Dynamo)

You finally got a chance to write a real check and you pulled out the credit card? I guess this lavish christmas spending spree overtaxed the savings account eh?

(Submitted by nic)

yay! the dri bottoms are back!

(Submitted by Cableman)

The eye patch is where the kid blacked his eye for switching him to all those diapers awhile back.......and what are you doing buying silly puddy for a baby? Or do you plan on plugging up it's bottom for 1998?

(Submitted by B)

Dri-Bottoms are back! Woohoo!

(Submitted by Wotsthat Rascz)

I'd love to see that playset set up in his backyard - maybe a hinge and a plastic seat; frame, chains, teeter totter and jungle jim sold separately.

(Submitted by Insane 1)

ok the Dinosaurs Ass and Eyepatch worry me a lil' but have any of you noticed that he hasn't had to get any pads for his lady? No Condoms either. I think there might be another baby coming soon....

(Submitted by pandora)

far be it from me derek to tell you how to raise the babe (whose name you've never even told us!) but don't you think the baby is a bit young for silly putty? i mean, we aren't even buying traingin pants yet! or pull-ups! and you really should get some condoms, else you'll be buying diapers forever!

(Submitted by A.D. )

You are a SUPER freak!!

(Submitted by sommer )


(Submitted by Casey )

hmmm... Is the plural of slinky, slinkys or slinkies???

(Submitted by Geoff )

I believe it is Stinkae.

(Submitted by Merlin )

Instant Cap - just add water. Is the file a gift for your uncle who is in prison? The slinky is a tease - I bet you don't even have stairs.

(Submitted by George )

Most trailers don't have stairs. ;-p

(Submitted by NYCFASHIONGIRL )


(Submitted by Johnny )

This receipt comes straight from MacGyver's pocket. Slinky, Timer, Silly Putty, and Epson salt can create a monstrous explosion causing our friend here to successfully clean out Walmart's entire stock of Dri- Bottoms. The employees should be warned!

(Submitted by Rose )

First of all I would like to suggest that you should try shopping at Sam's Club - especially for all of the diapers (or dri-bottoms) that you are purchasing. It's by the same company - if you are partial to WalMart for some reason. Now,I am concerned by the contents of your purchase. Have you previously had problems with silly putty - thus preparing for an injury with an eye patch and epsom salt? Which by the way should not be used for an injury to the eye - make sure you read the directions carefully!! And what's with the dinosaur? $1.97 can't buy a very good dinosaur. One last thing, when you get your pictures developed there, do you get them done while you shop? Sorry, just saw a commercial for it. Anyway, job well done, this sight obviously entertains many.

(Submitted by i worship derek, savior of all )

I think it would be "multiple slinkyies", Johnny is right, even if he did misspell his name. And really, Derek, if you're reading this (he won't) GOTO SAMS CLUB FOR THE DIAPERS. well, you kinda need a card, so nevermind. I like to buy large jars of pickes and mayonaise that i know i won't use and then lament because of the horrible waste when i throw them out when they rot. Kered is dee man, Timmy!

(Submitted by Usagi )

You spent more on the wrap than on the gifts!

(Submitted by Quackers )

uwiz - (scroll up, ull find him) that's the log song, not the slinky song. quack

(Submitted by Indomitus )

Wow, that's quite a deal on the Dinosaur's Ass. That stuff'll usually run you $2.99 a pound.

(Submitted by Lanzman )

I'm not sure what the wife is planning, but I think I'll be out bowling when it happens.

(Submitted by pirate )

Arrrr your joinin' our side aren't ya mate! Stylish eyepatch!

(Submitted by Nora (australia) )

AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH........ dri bottoms.......!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) I feel better, don't u?

(Submitted by poindexter )

I knew you would be back to your first love.(Kid got that strange generic diaper rash huh?) Signed Joe D. Bottom

(Submitted by Clara )

Quackers, he's partially right. The verse does say "What walks down stairs alone or in pairs. And makes a slinkity sound. A thing, a spring, a marvelous thing. Everyone knows it's Slinky. Then, "It's Slinky, it's Slinky, for fun it's wonderful toy. It's Slinky, it's Slinky, it's fun for a girl or a boy. But the dog part IS the log.

(Submitted by someone...me )

OH MY GOD!!! THE DRI BOTTOMS ARE BACK!!!! AAAAAAAHHH! you all know about "The Mummy Returns", right? well now we have a new BlockBuster hit- THE DRI-BOTTOMS RETURN

(Submitted by Kim )

Did anyone else notice that the UPC number on the dri-bottoms changed? I'm guessing the kid finally grew into a bigger size.