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Posted By: Derek D Sysop on: 01/08/2002 07:36:49 MST
Subject: Links! updated 6:16pm 1/10/02

Message Detail:
Rather than posting more replies, I'm just going to add new referring URLs (whch will occur quickly now after the Earthlink reference) to the end of this message...

Greetings, Earthlink -- take me to your leader! As visitors have mentioned, this website is linked in the eLink EarthLink Weekly Email Newsletter for 7 January 2002. Incidentally, the newsletter has pushed hits up to 5+ PER SECOND. There were almost 30,000 pageviews just overnight, which is second only to Yahoo! for new visitors.

Some website having to do with the noun/verb "Scoble" has linked here. He also indicates that he got the URL from a newsgroup.

There's a Prohosting site linking to the Receipt site -- go QUICK, before Prohosting deletes their account without warning or reason!

WLVQ mentioned this site on the radio a while ago.

Ooooh! Dark and sinister! grey on black is sooooo cool!

Speaking of which, there were 524 hits since I started writing this post...

8:44am: Linked by BA's Weblog

8:50am: linked in Tech PoF Forum

12:02pm - attack of the BBSes -,, and Paladins of Fate

3:05pm: has a link in its discussions.

9:41pm: just got home, and there are a handful of new links --,, Nancy's Neighborhood, The Punter's Parlour (warning; some lewd wallpaper), and Wack Links from

Also, says:

¿Crees que has visto todo en la red? ¿Crees que has leído ya muchas veces este “crees que has visto todo” con tal de que logremos atraer tu atención? Pues lo hicimos una vez más por que este es uno de los sitios que demuestran que Internet está lleno de basura: un sitio de un tal Derek, que colecciona todos sus recibos de Walmart.

9 January 2002
7:20am: New links from overnight --, Dead Man's Grave, O'DonnellWeb, David Dull's webpage, and finally

1:37pm: Three new links -- PJNet BBS, blahblahblog, and nelson the

5:54pm: Tom's Ramblings

7:37am: only one new link overnight -- Irenic.Embers -- although the Earthlink fallout has resulted in a business lead for my for-profit insanity.

6:16pm: A couple more links -- Mothersmagic Pagan Community, Information Today, Big Pun 90250, and Kristin's website. Plus, my blogdex ranking is increasing - 6,245 was my highest score yet!

8:37pm: Okay, one more before I got to sleep: Matt Jefferson.

7:41am: This site spreads like a fungus, huh? Two new links overnight: FunJunkie! and

8:27am: Mr Rusty Rebar's Yahoo profile, the Receipt Site is under the Xmas tree deodorizer image, Carl Morris, some Ed Wood related website, and

11:11am brand-spanking new link: jockhomo
Follow ups:
This is the archive BBS - no new posts can me made.

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