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Posted By: J on: 01/04/2002 13:04:44 MST
Subject: RE: How do I get business from this?

Message Detail:

Harsh. you appeared to be such a nice fellow from your pictures on the internet. Hopefully your daughter doesn't go through as much when she decides to spend a little time on the internet spicing up bbs'. I think I'll go find me a Target bbs or something.

By the way, that crap about the'll be hardpressed to find a better!

If tccutah was my main marketing tool like my competitors, I'd probably spend a little more than 2 minutes in it's development. Nope, not me! Word o mouth advertising! Tis the only way to truly be the bomb!!!


p.s. you got one of the mr. I just don't bother with registering domains. Got a good buddy that takes care of that garbage.

Actually, it didn't read like imposter!!

If you look closely, they're ALL imposters; an uninformed J saw a trusting bulletin board system, and made a bunch of misleading comments to promote his "business". Come on now, there were THAT many people from Utah online last night, waiting here on the Receipt BBS for something special to pop up? Unlikely -- the BBS gets very few hits throughout the day from those other than Receipt Site Regulars; it's very rare to find more than one or two people using it at one time, let alone ALL being potential J customers, living in Utah, with serious network troubles.

Plus, my GOD -- what's J thinking? "Click here to see if you need your computers networked." Besides poor grammar & vague topic, a professional business focusing on cutting-edge technology should never use the phrase "click here to..." in a webpage. It's passe, it's amateur, and it talks down to site visitors ("no, really, what AM I supposed to do to open a link?")

Not only that -- but the "click here to..." link sends you off-site to -- what, J isn't even bright enough to come up with his own reasons to be his customer? Lame, lame, lame.

And, come on, you claim to offer "Web/Print/Mail/Proxy/SQL/Etc. Server Setup & Maintenance" but you're hosted by "" -- what, can't even set up your own server? Unless you also happen to be Mr. Fatboy, probably not. On top of it all, the WHOIS Search for (put in the "Domain:" blank, click "LOOKUP") lists a webdesign firm from Nevada as his 'technical contact.' Some technician J is, huh?

Anyways, that's my rant for the day. I'll leave the posts here as testament to J's stupidity as a marketer - if he develops any business leads from this website, I'll be VERY surprised.

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