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Posted By: Derek D Sysop on: 12/24/2001 09:16:48 MST
Subject: RE: 'I Am', 'Voices,' and 'Compaint' websites are down

Message Detail:
Happily, migration has moved along faster than I expected, which allowed me to clean up some software bugs that bothered me before (but you guys probably never noticed). Here's what's been moved so far:

I Am... - are you?
Voices From the Thriftshop - Sounds from the lives of strangers.
Compaint - artistic abstract noise.
My personal webring - keeping my work organized.
My personal page still links a much older site, but I'm working on updating it.
11111001111 - Everyone has a blog, why not me too? (Actually, I started this around a year before blogging was popular)

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