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Posted By: Chelle on: 01/08/2002 14:21:09 MST
Subject: RE: Can't believe I just spent 3 hours...

Message Detail:
I can't believe I just spent 3 hours surfing this site. I really thought it was stupid, boring, irrelevant, and stupid (I just said that, I guess). Three hours later, I STILL thought it was stupid, boring,...well, you get the point!

I'm gonna kill the editor of the EarthLink newsletter for putting this site in the weekly newsletter!

By the way, Derek, for your info; it's in the eLink EarthLink Weekly Email Newsletter, January 7, 2002. So you got another trophy on the wall. Who'da thunk a couple years ago, or whenever you started this site, that you'd be here today!

That editor is dead meat.

MUCH more productive than a lot of other things out there on the Web is ANY amount of time spent on this site!!!! Unless of course you go to one of Derek's OTHER sites..

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