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Posted By: Derek D Sysop on: 01/06/2002 21:07:19 MST
Subject: RE: a p.s. that i wasn't able to add before cuz when i clicked back the post disappeared

Message Detail:

Finally -- as for personal ads, I think I'm way too cynical to find someone via a meat-market advertisement. For my own amusement, I have created an account on, a more sex-oriented personals site (not much worse than Nerve, tho) - you can reach me via

WOW, you are cynical! Nerve is not *that* bad. I've met a number of really smart, creative people through Nerve and I've not shared meat with any of them! Actually, you should see some of the shots (albeit, eroticesque in nature) one professional photographer I met through Nerve shot of me for an art book he is doing. Wait, I'll send them to you. Just please keep an open mind. Okay, forget I said that, I know you will which is one reason I love your mind. (sorry, I guess this could have been a personal email)

Now. Question: when did you become a female and where did you get those huge-ass bazoongas?! "Mammaries, misty-water colored mammaries", indeed!!

still...i know what you mean about personals, although my ex-husband seems to be doing very well with them. He met his current girlfriend via a personal ad and she is very nice!

Ah, Dalliance, you always make me smile :) this cynicism is probably why nerds like me never get laid -- we look at things with such a jaundiced eye that we miss out on the irrational fun that you love so, sexual or no.

As for those "huge-ass bazoongas" -- I found that pic in a Usenet binaries porn group (alt.binaries.erotica.teen.female I believe). Trust me, I was in that sordid corner of the internet purely for intellectual & informational purposes, really. No really! :) Anyways, I created that account for the purpose of learning something about the people who frequent online personal ads, in hopes of writing about it in my journal or on Backwash. All this exercise did was make me depressed; every response (10-20 per week, thanks to those mammaries) is so stupid and crude (in a non-sexual, unintelligent way) that I'm almost ashamed of my gender. I do have a personal account on, under my pen-name but with accurate info in the profile, and I haven't gotten a single response, period. This leads me to believe that women must be looking someplace else, avoiding the haunts of cro-magnon men who need help tying their own shoes and type "cuz" instead of "because". Granted, isn't exactly the best example of classified personal ads, but in looking at my "competition," there's little to seperate a getlaid ads from Nerve or even Yahoo Personals...

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