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Posted By: Derek D Sysop on: 01/06/2002 08:15:05 MST
Subject: RE: Links for the New Year

Message Detail:
Oh, Derek, what's up with this anti-Canadian thing? What American boy wouldn't want a little Kanuckie? (Sorry, Candice but I couldn't help myself) Speaking of Minnesota, I see one of the young can call them on a phone that is located on each console (or snap a picture that you can then view online), meanwhile all the feeds are showing throughout the bar female "Nerve" editors is from Fargo. Do you know her? I wonder if she knows Matt too? By the way, I went to this really cool digital lounge last night and I thought of you. Check out this URL. You get your own personal cam to scan around the bar and if you see someone you like you and online too, I believe. Sort of like video conferencing but in the same space so if you like each other you can meet on the spot. It gives you the social safety of the screen but without all that nasty distance. Distance....YUCK POOEY

Well, when you're from a place like Fargo, who IS there to make fun of? Canadians. I guess it's a testoserone thing, much how the geekiest of people still have a "cool dude" heirarchy. There's nothing that bad about Canada; I suppose if I went there more often (Winnepeg is closer than Minneapolis) I'd have a greater appreciation for that fine northern nation...I love that Canadian Bacon on my pizza, though -- MMMMMM!

Speaking of, did you know that they promoted their service by running around NYC naked? Shift did a cover story on then a year or two ago. I looked into that editor - I don't recognize her, but the metro area here has well over 100,000 people in it; not gigantic, but not a "can't swing a dead cat without hitting a relative" kind of place.

Finally -- as for personal ads, I think I'm way too cynical to find someone via a meat-market advertisement. For my own amusement, I have created an account on, a more sex-oriented personals site (not much worse than Nerve, tho) - you can reach me via

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