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Derek's Big BBS of WalMart Purchase Receipts

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Posted By: Derek D Sysop on: 01/04/2002 21:29:17 MST
Subject: Links for the New Year

Message Detail:

F&#k Corporate - "wow, someone else is more obsessive about shopping than i am!"

The Receipt Site is somewhere in this long list.

SexSex World has a tiny link in a BBS on their site - but - look! "hdj jewboy" is a poster on that BBS, listed as an administrator. Is he the same 'hdj jewboy' from Portal Of Evil who was one of the earliest of early posters on the Receipt Site? Hmmmmm...could be!

More from another BBS, something called "16 Volt." They use Silkscreen, a cool tiny font, but the creator of that font gets more and more annoying the more I pay attention to his work, so I'm not telling you where you get said font from. Sorry. His website appears broken anyways.

THE WEST VIRGINIA SURF REPORT! says this website is "Further Evidence The end is near."

Follow ups:
This is the archive BBS - no new posts can me made.

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