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Posted By: Derek D Sysop on: 10/15/2001 08:06:27 MDT
Subject: another band link

Message Detail:
I've seen a few links from band-websites to the Receipt Site, but here's a website from a band I've actually seen perform: Festering Piles of Shit. They were at the 7th Street Entry a couple months ago; some crap like Oasis or Ben Stiller was performing on the main stage at First Ave, and I just sat at the bar on the lower deck getting all drunk as a skunk. The chick I was flirting with left, so I wandered my way over to the Entry, and lo and behond FPoS were playing! I have all their albums, plus some bootlegs from when they were in Mexico City, and I wasn't even expecting them to my in my neck of the woods. Anyways, I kicked some guy's ass, and broke someone else's nose before they drug me out to the street and threw me against a lightpost. All in all, a night I won't forget for many years to come.
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