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Derek's Big BBS of WalMart Purchase Receipts

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Posted By: Derek D Sysop on: 10/04/2001 20:20:40 MDT
Subject: I thought this was a joke at first...

Message Detail:
It turns out, this is genuine SPAM, but they didn't realize who they were mailing it to:

Received: 10/4/01 8:07:06 PM
Subject: Document Imaging Software....
MIME Ver: 1.0

Can Find That Warranty Receipt When You Need It?

What About A Recovery Plan For Replacing Valuables Should Disaster

Strike Your Home or Office?


ADS FILE FINDER is a Document Management and Imaging Software for

home & small business use. It lets you convert important documents into

digital images, index each one for easy access and file them on the hard disk

of your computer and/or CD Rom.

The software is a windows application and extremely user friendly. It accepts digital cameras, scanners, CD Rom, disk, or< BR>computer files as input sources.

Benefits Include:

Organization !!! No More Paper Clutter or Misplaced Documents.

Instant Access to Years of Tax, Insurance and Warranty Receipts.

Serial Numbers & Proof of Ownership Should Theft or Disaster Occur.

Secure environment for your irreplaceable
family photos.

Great way to organize all those favorite recipes.

Step into the 21stcentury and join the millions already enjoying the benefits, freedom andsecurity of Document Imaging.


Please visit our web site for system requirements and additional features!


Don't Delay. 
This Is A Limited Time Offer At This Amazing Low Price!

$99.95 now only $79.95.

We apologize for
any email you may have inadvertently received.

Please CLICK HERE to be removed from future mailings.

Follow ups:
This is the archive BBS - no new posts can me made.

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