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Destiny's Scrapbook

I'm getting things in order now, so we start with the original photo scrapbook that I put online. These photos were Des' first presence on the internet.

Nature by Destiny

On a trip through the Black Hills of South Dakota, the National Grasslands of Wyoming, and finally to the Popo Agie River in the Wind River Mountains, I took several photos of Destiny interacting with nature.

Perfect Kite-Flying Weather

Last Saturday, April 13th, started out icky. It was cloudy, it was rainy, so we thought we were stuck indoors all day. After lunch, however, the clouds diminished and the wind picked up -- just right for flying a kite.

Destiny Around NDSU

After the Airsho last June, Des and I wandered across the nearby NDSU campus on our way back to our car. While I was a student there, I didn't realize how pretty the campus is, especually during the summer.

Carving the Pumpkin

Happy Halloween! Tonight Destiny will dress as a witch, and we'll be off to roam the neighborhood in search of candy. A couple days ago, though, Great-Grandma Black took Destiny out to buy the perfect pumpkin to turn in to a jack o' lantern.

Downtown Destiny

A couple Saturdays ago, Destiny and I ventured out into the untamed badlands of our hometown, Fargo ND. The camera was brought along.

Destiny Goes to Itasca

On Memorial Day, my parents picked Destiny & myself up, and we cruised out to Itasca State Park and the headwaters of the Mississippi river.

Same Destiny, Different Camera

This summer I bought a box-lot of office supplies at an auction. In it were two Polaroid cameras - and one still had film. We couldn't let that go to waste, could we? Over three or four months, when I noticed the camera was in arm's reach I took a picture.