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The WalMart Receipt Site has died.

The account has been pulled, for what reason I do not know. Prohosting has told me in the past, "we don't track cancelled accounts," so I doubt I'll ever find a reason.

Part of me is very sad. The site is lost, gone forever; yes, I keep backups, but the URL was the thing, and the constant comments kept things going. I felt almost as bad when the original incarnation of I Am was deleted, but the Receipt Site got me in magazines and newspapers, on television and radio. It was a life all it's own, and it is lost forever.

Another part of me wants to just let it go, because the site has been slowly declining over the past year. Traffic has been down, and there have only been a few new linking sites. The Site had passed its prime, and there wasn't a lot of reason to keep it updated, other than to appease the Regulars.

That's a little harsh, though: the Regulars were the core of what the Receipt Site is about. Unfortunately, they've been the most influential force in the past 6 months, making up 90% of the new comments. That camaraderie is lost, and that saddens me the most.

So sad, it's brought a lot of fun to me and my friends. Is it a coincidence that Wal- Mart gave earnings warnings today?

--Rick , 11/26/2002 19:43:31

An end of an era - likewise, it's brought me a lot of fun and a group of new friends from around the world.

--Abi (Cakes), 11/27/2002 07:29:50

Wow. I've enjoyed the site very much the past year (which is really 7 years for me). About the time I found the site, I had a dream I was a tap dancing dog with a top hat and cane. That's it. That's the story behind the tapping. Tap tap!

--FLuffy White Dog, 11/27/2002 07:48:16

Well I just hope that Gern finds his way here and finds out the tapping answer! Keep on tapping!

--Cakes, 11/27/2002 10:07:15

I agree that the heady days of the Wal*Tart goddesses, Merlin, Dally's latest episode of life in aisle 6, and groping in dark recesses of the toaster box are long gone. The very first receipt, buying a crib, for a girl that has grown up into 'big school', shows the time lapse from the beginning. I view these comment websites like a caravan [trailer] park - you conduct your daily personal ablutions with total strangers, but soon it's time to hit the road and seek new adventures, perhaps taking the addresses of a few new friends you have found. So thanks for the trip, Derek! Al least you're on my Christmas card list!

--BalmainBoy , 11/27/2002 15:04:25

Awwwwww. Rats. All good things must come to an end, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. Your site was a special place to let off steam and a snappy comback or two. I will miss everyone and you all well! Laura "Huh?" P.S. At least now I know *the* story behind the FWD. P.S.S. BB, perhaps I could get on that Christmas card list too?

--Huh? , 11/27/2002 16:53:22

This is terrible. This site was really fun, not just to participate in the constant conversations, commenting on the occasional reciept, wondering about a certain tapping (thank you for the story, FWD). It was really a bright part of my day for the last year or so. And, as FWD, I have a bit of a confession to make, I am in fact related to the one you know as FWD. ISnt that right, mom? <gasp> THis is correct, i am half fluffy white dog. Well, that all i have to say past the fact i am sad for the site going under.

--Przywojski , 11/27/2002 19:14:46

Where do we go now? I blame Steve Russell. Never say Never. returns tomorrow (Dec 3). I thought they were gone forever too.

--MOGGEE, 12/2/2002 10:08:52

I would like to thank everyone for being the crazy, wonderful, funny people you are, and making me laugh. My only regret is not finding this site sooner. Take care everyone, Love,hugs,snogs,and nanners- Jenny I feel like crying!!

--Jenay, 12/9/2002 17:46:17

awwwwww... A shame... I agree it might have been past it's prime, but so are my parents, and I'd still give em a ride to the hospital and pay for it. But you probably are right. All truly excellent things come to an end... Ach. Good job. *sobs* my hero

--Timmy!, 12/11/2002 10:37:01

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